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In May, Taylor Swift released a new vault track titled “You’re Losing Me,” and fans questioned if the lyrics were giving a window into her relationship and recent breakup with ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn. The song was the second of two new releases that Friday along with “Hits Different,” and new versions of two original songs from the album: “Karma” featuring Ice Spice and “Snow on the Beach” with extended Lana Del Rey vocals.

“You’re Losing Me” wasn’t initially released on streaming platforms. On November 29, Swift finally added the song.

She announced the move on Instagram, writing, “Um ok this is unreal?? I just wanted to say to anyone who listened to my music this year, anywhere in the world, thank you. Getting named Spotify’s Global Top Artist in 2023 is truly the best birthday/holiday gift you could’ve given me. We’ve seriously had THE MOST fun this year out there on tour and now this. Are you serious. So I was trying to think of a way to thank you, and a lot of you have been asking me to put “You’re Losing Me (From The Vault)” on streaming… so here you go! You can finally listen EVERYWHERE now 💋”

In “You’re Losing Me,” Swift sings she’s like a “phoenix always rising from the ashes, mending all her gashes,” which definitely sounds like post-breakup rhetoric.

Swift and Alwyn broke up in March this year before the start of Swift’s Eras Tour concert series. Following the split, she was temporarily romantically involved with Matt Healy. She is now dating Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce.

But “You’re Losing Me” goes back to the difficult decision that Swift made to part ways with…someone who may just be Alwyn.

Here, a breakdown of the lyrics and what we know about how Swift’s real life may have inspired them. Listen to the song below, too:

In April, after news of the Alwyn breakup came out, a source told People, “The differences in their personalities have also become harder to ignore after years together. They’ve grown apart.”

Ultimately, they didn’t “understand” one another well enough to continue their connection, it seems. They were together for six years, however, and in the pre-chorus Swift sings about how to make a decision about letting go of everything she has “built.”

The source also told People that at other times, Swift and Alwyn had rough patches they repaired, so the lyrics could be referring to the tension of whether or not something is truly over.

“They’ve had rough patches before and always worked things out, so friends thought they would take some time apart [now] but eventually come back together,” the source explained. “Ultimately [they] weren’t the right fit for one another.”

Another source told ET that they were too different to work, but it was tough to end because of the time spent together.

“It was more of Taylor’s decision to break up, but both of them realized that they weren’t completely right for one another,” said the source. “They had been together for such a long time and were spending so much time together, but their personalities were just too different. Joe is more introverted, shy, and quiet.”

Later in the bridge, Swift sings she’s the “best thing at this party” and one of their last appearances together was at a Grammys afterparty.

But one of the biggest clues about Alwyn was the line right after:

In a 2022 interview for WSJ. Magazine, Alwyn made a rare comment on the questions about his relationship with Swift—and their rumored engagement.

“If I had a pound for every time I think I’ve been told I’ve been engaged, then I’d have a lot of pound coins,” he said. “I mean, the truth is, if the answer was yes, I wouldn’t say, and if the answer was no, I wouldn’t say.”

Around their breakup, sources told People that Swift and Alwyn were “talking about marriage as recently as a few months ago.”

Clearly, things went a different way.

The final verse in which Swift sings “Choose something, babe, I got nothing/ To believe, unless you’re choosing me” could allude to Alwyn’s alleged insecurity with the level of fame Swift contended with.

“Ultimately, they both realized they were not on the same page anymore,” a source told the Daily Mail. “It’s been hard for Joe trying to make it in Hollywood and not quite becoming leading man material while dating one of the most famous women in the world over the last six years. It was easier during the pandemic when it was just the two of them, but once things returned to normal, Taylor Swift the superstar emerged, and their differences were even more apparent. They really made a go of it and tried everything they could but ultimately were unable to save the relationship.”

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