It’s true that Tom Cruise is a significant Hollywood icon, and so is Dwayne Johnson. While Cruise has a longer history in the industry compared to Johnson, when their net worths are compared, The Rock leads by a significant margin over the Mission Impossible star. Despite some fans thinking Google might be kidding, it’s not. Dwayne Johnson is genuinely much wealthier than Tom Cruise, and here’s the real deal!

Dwayne Johnson in Fast Five
Dwayne Johnson in Fast Five

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Dwayne Johnson Is Way Richer Than Tom Cruise!

Dwayne Johnson’s current net worth, as per Celebrity Net Worth, stands at $800 million, whereas Tom Cruise holds $600 million. While both actors possess significant wealth individually, in direct comparison, it’s evident that Dwayne Johnson leads by a substantial margin.

Despite starring consistently in multiple blockbusters and being dubbed the highest-paid actor of the year, particularly, this year as Cruise hit the jackpot with his role in Top Gun: Maverick, pocketing over $100 million from that single performance.

Tom Cruise in a still from Top Gun: Maverick
Tom Cruise in a still from Top Gun: Maverick

Initially accepting a modest $13 million upfront for reprising his iconic role as Maverick from the original 1986 film, Cruise engineered a deal that propelled his earnings beyond $100 million due to the movie’s exceptional success at the box office. This payout only has cemented Cruise’s status as the highest-paid movie actor to date, setting a high bar that might be a challenge for even him to surpass.

However, it appears that although not the highest-paid actor this year, Dwayne Johnson has still managed to surpass him in another way, despite having a mediocre year at the box office.

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How is Dwayne Johnson Rolling in More Dough Than Tom Cruise?

Several factors contribute to this difference. One significant aspect is Dwayne Johnson’s expansive career beyond acting. The Rock is a multi-talented individual, involved in diverse ventures such as owning a production company and a tequila business. In contrast, Tom Cruise has predominantly focused on his passion for the screen without branching out extensively. Johnson’s willingness to broaden his horizons sets him apart from Cruise.

Dwayne Johnson | Photo: Flickr
Dwayne Johnson | Photo: Flickr

Apart from his involvement in big-budget films, Dwayne Johnson enjoys experimenting with his craft by exploring various genres. Movies like Faster exemplify this, and most recently, his involvement in The Smashing Machine for A24 showcases this versatility. In contrast, Tom Cruise tends to stick to big-budget films in recent times.

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