Former kickboxing champion, businessman, and social media star Andrew Tate has an estimated net worth of $12 million, according to Romania’s anti-terrorism organization, the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT). Andrew and his brother Tristan Tate are currently awaiting a trial on charges of being a part of an organized crime group, human trafficking, and rape.

Full Name Emory Andrew Tate III Net Worth $12 million Date of Birth December 1, 1986 Place of Birth Washington, D.C., United States Occupation Media personality Nationality American-British

The report by DIICOT shone a light on Andrew Tate’s real net worth and dispelled bombastic estimates about his wealth that were circulating the internet in the past. Tate previously stated that he had a net worth of $100 million by age 31 and even jokingly referred to himself as the world’s first trillionaire.

Who is Andrew Tate?

An image of Andrew Tate, an American-British kickboxer turned social media personality who gained notoriety for promoting an ultra-masculine and luxurious lifestyle

Andrew Tate is an American-British kickboxer turned social media personality who gained notoriety for promoting an ultra-masculine and luxurious lifestyle. Image source: Andrew Tate

Born in December 1986 in Washington D.C., Emory Andrew Tate III is one of the biggest internet celebrities in the world, drawing an immense amount of attention from both his fans and detractors for sharing provocative (and often criticized) opinions on various pressing social and economic issues.

Tate started his martial arts career in 2005, and by 2009, he won the British ISKA Full Contact Cruiserweight Championship and was ranked as the number one fighter in his division in Europe. Fighting under the nickname “King Cobra,” Tate climbed the ranks to become the second highest-rated kickboxer in the world by 2012. After a brief stint in the UFC, he retired from being a professional martial arts athlete in 2016 with 76 victories and 9 losses.

Education Luton Sixth Form College Height 6 ft 3 in (1.9 m) Weight 205 lb (93 kg) Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

After his fighting career, Tate pursued a number of different ventures, including starring in the UK’s Big Brother reality show, building a casino business in Romania, starting an adult webcam business, and more. In 2022, Tate started Hustler’s University, an online community and courses platform that teaches people how to make money online.

Tate famously came under the scrutiny of large social media companies in the second half of 2022. His posts and videos about women were reportedly the reason why TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube banned him. After a 5-year ban, he was unbanned on Twitter after Elon Musk took over the social media company in late 2022. Commenting on his Twitter comeback, Tate wrote:

“It’s almost as if, on a long enough time scale, losing simply isn’t an option. Such is the way of Wudan.”

In late December 2022, Tate was arrested by Romanian authorities on charges of being part of an organized crime group, human trafficking, and rape. He is currently under house arrest after losing an appeal in January, with the judge noting that the possibility of Tate and his brother “evading investigations cannot be ignored.”

The Matrix has attacked me,” wrote Tate in regard to his arrest, suggesting that he is being attacked for his ideas and opinions rather than for his actions.

The Matrix has attacked me. But they misunderstand, you cannot kill an idea. Hard to Kill.

Following the charges brought against Andrew and his brother in December 2022, the two brothers had spent roughly half a year under house arrest in Romania. In August, Tate won an appeal to be released from house arrest and is currently awaiting trial in Romania.

What is Andrew Tate’s real net worth in 2024? An in-depth report by Romanian authorities

On June 20, 2023, the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism, a Romanian organization fighting organized crime and terrorism, published an exhaustive report about the extent of Tate’s assets. According to the DIICOT report, Andrew Tate’s net worth is estimated at $12 million.

The report claims that Tate’s assets include:

Assets Estimated Value 15 luxury cars $8 million* 14 luxury watches No estimate Real estate $2 million* Cash (EUR) €52,650 Cash (GBP) £10,370 Cash (USD) $17,430 Shares in 4 commercial companies No estimate 21 Bitcoin $588,000

*According to earlier estimates, not from the DIICOT report.

In November 2023, Tate spoke about his net worth during an interview with UK journalist and broadcaster Piers Morgan. When asked about his net worth, Tate said that Romanian authorities took $17 million. Piers pressed back, asking about the whereabouts of the supposed hundreds of millions of dollars Tate claims he has. “I think I lost it somewhere,” Tate jokingly replied. Here’s the transcript of the relevant part of the conversation:

Tate: I’m in an extremely fortunate financial position, or I was before Romania took everything of course. I have hundreds of millions of dollars, so because I am in my position I would not want my woman to work. I think there’s more important things she can do.

Piers: If you have hundreds of millions of dollars… You said you had a [net] worth of 17 million.

Tate: No, I said they took 17 million, Piers.

Piers: So, where’s the rest?

Tate: They must have taken it, I think they have it. Or maybe I lost it, I think I lost it somewhere.

Piers: You’ve never had hundreds of millions of dollars.

​​​​​​​Tate: Of course not.

Piers: You haven’t, have you?

​​​​​​​Tate: Of course not.

Piers: You said they took all your assets.

​​​​​​​Tate: Exactly!

Piers: Did they or didn’t they?

​​​​​​​Tate: Of course, they took everything.

What is Andrew Tate’s net worth in rupees?

Andrew Tate has a net worth of 999.7 million INR at current market rates. Tate has a relatively large fan base in India. The social media influencer visited the country in 2022, where he was seen partying in Mumbai clubs with his brother Tristan. There were also rumors that Tate hooked up with Bollywood actress Karishma Sharma, but she firmly rejected these rumors in several interviews.

How the “Top G” supposedly made his fortune

Over the years, Tate has claimed he had multiple sources of income, from earning prize money for kickboxing events to charging thousands of users $50 per month for access to Hustler’s University. Tate often claimed that his net worth exceeded $100 million, but that seems very unlikely given the findings of the Romanian authorities. That said, the following figures are income estimates that Tate purported about his various businesses and other ventures in the past.

Source of Income Claimed Income Martial Arts Career $500,000+ in total Casino Business $1,000,000 per month Webcam Business Millions of dollars War Room Millions of dollars Hustler’s University $5 million per month

*The figures in the table are very broad estimates, collected from Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate’s statements and several online publications that reported on Tate’s net worth over the years.

Martial arts career: $500,000+ in total

According to Tate himself, his fighting career wasn’t particularly lucrative despite being a four-time champion. “The most money I got paid for a fight ever was one hundred thousand dollars,” noted Tate.

When speaking about his kickboxing earnings on a different occasion, Tate said:

“I made some money kickboxing, but I was never rich. Yea I made $50,000 – $100,000 per fight, but by the time you pay the manager, your kickboxing coach, and everyone else, there isn’t that much left over.”

If we take a modest estimate and say that Tate pocketed between $5,000 and 10,000 each time he fought – and given that he fought more than 80 times during his professional career – that would put his career earnings at about $500,000.

Casino Business: $1,000,000 per month

Tate’s casino business in Romania is shrouded in mystery. The only sources that can be found online are unofficial, poorly written, and don’t cite sources. According to Tate, he met with a Romanian mafia family who owned hundreds of casinos sometime after his fighting career ended and suggested that they build new casinos with electronic games only. Tate shared this story in one of his videos:

“The story is there were 3 brothers, mafia guys, who owned 400 casinos throughout eastern Europe. I came up with this plan, I went to them… I’ll pay to open locations, so it costs you no money to be involved. I’ll give you a percentage of turnover, not profit. So even if it makes no money, you’re making money because it’s pure turnover. And I’ll open up directly next door to your #1 competitor in Romania. So I’m going to go to war for you with my money.”

According to online sources, Andrew and his brother Tristan Tate reportedly own 15 casinos that generate $1,000,000 per month. However, that figure seems extremely unlikely, especially when accounting for the DIICOT report.

Webcam Business: Millions of dollars

Another business venture that is shrouded in mystery is Tate’s adult webcam business. Tate and his brother reportedly managed a studio with 75 women and took a cut of their online earnings over the years. Tate brothers have said that they have made millions of dollars operating the webcam business. Speaking about how easy it was for men to part ways with their hard-earned money, Tristan noted:

“Men will give all they have. I’ve seen men sell cars, TVs. With Chloe, this guy’s gran passed away and they were waiting for the sale of the house. When the house was sold he’d get £20,000 and promised it to Chloe, to pay for her fake financial problem.”

According to Tristan, the models made $4 per minute from fans.

War Room: Millions of dollars

As of 2021, the War Room reportedly had approximately 1,800 members, with each having to pay $5,454 for access to a collection of Tate videos that call on “the weak” to “wage war against [the matrix].” The product’s tagline reads as follows:

“The War Room is a global network in which exemplars of individualism work to free the modern man from socially induced incarceration.”

In addition, Tate sells supplements, merchandise, and tickets to real-life events as a part of the War Room. While it’s hard to say how much of Tate’s fortune has been generated by the War Room, Tate’s claims of user numbers would hint that it is in the millions of dollars.

Hustler’s University: $5 million per month

Similar to the War Room in concept, albeit targeting a broader audience, Hustler’s University is an online platform that features Tate and numerous other instructors who provide content on how to make money online. While Hustler’s University promises to teach users how to break away from the matrix, it teaches pretty rudimentary money-making skills, such as learning how to start copywriting or begin earning money with drop shipping.

As of August 2022, the website had reportedly amassed over 100,000 users, charging $49.99 for a month’s worth of access. If the widely publicized numbers of members are correct, that would mean that Hustler’s University alone made $5 million per month at its peak. Again, those numbers were shared by Tate himself, so it’s impossible to say whether those numbers are correct or not.

Andrew Tate’s car collection

Thanks to his multi-million dollar net worth, Andrew Tate has acquired a taste for a luxurious lifestyle, including mansions and private jets. Tate also has an impressive car collection, valued at over $5 million, that includes the $4.3 million Bugatti Chiron Pure Sport. On December 27, a mere two days before his arrest, Tate shared a tweet aimed at environmental activist Greta Thunberg, saying he has 33 cars and that he would like to provide a full list of his cars’ “enormous emissions”.

Hello @GretaThunberg I have 33 cars. My Bugatti has a w16 8.0L quad turbo. My TWO Ferrari 812 competizione have 6.5L v12s. This is just the start. Please provide your email address so I can send a complete list of my car collection and their respective enormous emissions.

Greta fired back, saying he could email this information to “[email protected].”

Following the arrest, Tate’s car collection was seized by the police in Romania.

Andrew Tate & Crypto: Bitcoin and “Top G Exclusive” NFTs

Over the years, Tate has, on a number of occasions, mentioned his involvement with crypto and hailed digital assets as potentially lucrative investments.

In December, Altcoin Daily, a crypto-focused YouTube channel with 1.29 million subscribers, uploaded a video compilation of Tate’s takes on crypto. Speaking about the 2022 crypto downturn, Tate noted:

“Now is when you need to be panicking for money, not when crypto was spiking and everyone was talking about it and every dummy was making money. […] You need to be panicked now. Stack your bags now. Stick to the basics – Ethereum, Bitcoin – the coins are not going to go anywhere.”

He added that now is the time to buy as much Bitcoin as possible so “you can retire from life” in three years.

Andrew Tate

Items sold in Tate’s merchandise store come with “Top G Exclusive” NFTs. Image source: Top G Merchandise

Tate also has his own non-fungible token (NFT) collection called ‘Top G Exclusive’. A new NFT collectible on Ethereum is minted for each merchandise item sold in Tate’s online store. For what is worth, the “Top G Exclusive” collection’s utility is hard to discern. Here’s how the store promotional text reads:

“Very few of you will have the honor to say, you own a Top G Exclusive piece. We will be in touch with every single collector. We will reach out to you on The Blockchain. If you knew what was coming. You’d do anything to be on the right side of history.”

The NFT collection is described as an “experiment” that will allow for an exclusive community to be formed. However, the exact purpose of this community has not been revealed. “You’ll find out in the years to come,” reads the official statement.

Romanian police confiscated 5 BTC from Andrew and 16 BTC from Tristan Tate

In mid-February, Romanian police revealed that the Tate brothers had their BTC confiscated as a part of the human trafficking and rape charges investigation.

According to a spokesperson for Andrew and Tristan Tate, Mateea Petrescu, the confiscated hardware wallet by Andrew Tate contained 5 BTC (~$220,000 at current market prices). Meanwhile, the confiscated wallet belonging to Tristan Tate contained 16 BTC (~$705,000).

It’s impossible to say whether the Tate brothers have more Bitcoin and other crypto stashed away in addresses that have not been confiscated by the police.

When speaking on Andrew Pompliano’s crypto-centric podcast last August, Andrew Tate said that he had turned $600,000 into $12,000,000 investing in Bitcoin. “I’m going full crazy mister blockchain now,” he stated.

The bottom line: Pinpointing Andrew Tate’s exact net worth is very difficult

Love him or hate him, there is no denying that Tate made huge sums of money in the past couple of years. However, the exact details of Tate’s business ventures are often shady and impossible to find public records for. With that in mind, it is not surprising that estimates of Andrew Tate’s net worth varied as much as they did in the past.

However, the legal predicament that Tate finds himself in ultimately shone a light on the exact scope of his wealth, with Romanian authorities uncovering the extent of his net worth – about $12 million. That’s a far cry from what Tate claimed over the years.

Similarly to Tate, gauging the net worth of some of the most prominent individuals in the crypto space is just as hard, if not even harder. That’s doubly true for Do Kwon and Sam Bankman-Fried, both of whom have been embroiled in high-profile market collapses of the Luna cryptocurrency and FTX cryptocurrency exchange, respectively.

On a related note, give our article on Elon Musk’s net worth a read to learn how he became the first person in history to lose $200 billion.

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