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Piper Rockelle is a YouTube superstar with 10.5 million subscribers.

The multimillionaire teen is often seen with a rotating squad of friends in her videos, but the fun and goofy vibes viewers are seeing onscreen is nothing like the reality of the situation, according to some former squad members.

“It’s all these happy kids when, like, behind the scenes, that’s not how we all were,” one of those former squad members tells Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero. “We’re stressed out, crying and being in these videos because you’re yelling at us and it’s not it’s not fair.”

She is one of the 11 pre-teen and teenage squad members who have filed a lawsuit against Piper’s mother Tiffany Smith “alleging a litany of egregious actions” including “frequently subject[ing] [them] to an emotionally, physically, and sometimes sexually abusive environment,” and seeking millions in damages.

Now, some of those former squad members are speaking to Inside Edition, along with their parents and the lawyer representing them, Matthew Sarelson.

“All of our innocence was swiped from us,” a former female squad member tells Inside Edition.

Another female squad member than adds: “[Tiffany] would just run around and say sexual things to you.”

Did Tiffany ever request that someone “pose provocatively” or “wear things [they] were uncomfortable wearing,” asks Guerrero at one point.

“Oh yeah, Tiffany would always tell me to go up into Piper’s closet and get something that’s more tight,” says one of the younger members of the squad. “And revealing.”

Another young girl who was 11 and 12 when she filmed with Piper claims that she was instructed to dress in just a towel for one video.

“I feel like my childhood got ruined,” a third female former squad member tells Guerrero.

The parents of these minors tell Inside Edition they were not always permitted on set and therefore unaware of just how bad things allegedly were for their children.

“These are hardworking, good kids and they’ve been taken advantage of,” Sarelson tells Inside Edition: “They were inundated with sexual language, rhetoric and just a sort of a sexualized atmosphere.”

None of the former squad members blame Piper for her mother’s alleged actions, and they say their lawsuit is not for financial gain or fame.

“I didn’t join the squad because I wanted money and fame,” notes one former member. “I joined the squad because I thought I was gonna have friends.”

A lawyer for Tiffany and her mother declined to comment but in court papers they say that all the allegations of wrongdoing are false.

“It’s like, it’s important to come forward because of other kids who might think this is normal,” says one of the former female squad members. “It’s not.”

A trial is set for next fall.

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