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I think the song is about a gay couple. Regina has been a vocal supporter of LGBT issues politically, but this is social look at some of the community’s “issues”. The song sounds so happy, but it’s actually pretty sad- there’s a population of people that don’t seem to understand that it is HARD to be homosexual in America still in these times; there’s a perception that they gays are just happy go lucky people when it can be hard for their relationships to exist publicly or for them to be treated right when they are out***.

“Watches <b>him</b> close from that wire <b>He</b> says he wants to as well” He watches Him.

One is in the closet, and the other is in the process of coming out.

“I’ll believe it all There’s nothing I won’t understand/ I won’t let go of your hand” The other understands how it’s hard to do, and will continue to do so.

“But he is a liar” He is a coward. The other will “believe it all”, and keeps telling himself eventually that when the sky isn’t overcast*** (when it’s safe) they both can leave/ have their relationship move from where it has been sitting. Right now it’s stagnant and not going anywhere.

I also like how, even though for the majority of the song, despite how in different verses the names of “one” and “the other” are reassigned to each of them- the listener know which one is being addressed. The one line I think is ambiguous is “One says c’mon and the other says ‘I’m tired'”. One could be the man in the closet, as in c’mon stay here and understand how it’s hard for me – the other is “tired” of being locked up (insert caged bird pun). OR one says c’mon, as in it’s not so scary out here you can come out – and the other is ‘tired’ of that conversation, not strong enough to make that move to label himself to the world as in a homosexual relationship.

At the end, one abandons the relationship and flies away. But before that happens, I like the image of one “trying to fly away”, but still staying there at the wire. It’s a hovering motion, between two worlds (the wire and the sky, the closet and the freedom of being able to acknowledge publicly how good it is to be with who you love.)

Also… telephone wires. This is a conversation. Appropriate setting!

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