Stormi Steele is a household name in the world of entrepreneurship and reality TV. She is the founder and CEO of the renowned Canvas Beauty Brand. It’s a product that has revolutionized the hair industry with its potent hair growth serum. The self-made millionaire has amassed a net worth of $20 million, an impressive feat for someone who started with nothing. If you want to find out Stormi Steele net worth, keep reading.

Born in De Kalb, Mississippi in 1989, Steele had always been a dreamer, even as a child. She enrolled in a cosmetology school in 2011 to pursue her passion for hairstyling. Drawn by the strength of women entrepreneurs, she imagined a future crafting her own exceptional venture. Unfortunately, her dreams were almost shattered. This was when she got involved in a physical altercation with her father just before receiving her license.

Not one to be deterred by setbacks, Stormi set out to create something extraordinary. She moved to Huntsville, Alabama, with only $800 in her pocket and no plan. She was working with a master stylist at a local salon and was earning credit hours toward her license. This way, she discovered the world of entrepreneurship. It was here that she began concocting her own hair products in her kitchen.

Person Name: Stormi Steele Net Worth: $20 million Date of Birth: 1989 Place of Birth: De Kalb, Mississippi Gender: Female Profession: Founder and CEO of Canvas Beauty Brand, Reality TV Personality

Canvas Beauty Unveiled: A New Era in Glamour

Steele created an enchanting hair growth solution after spending seven months and $300 on it. She used available household ingredients, such as flaxseed oil and Vitamin E. Her unique creation proved successful after she experimented on herself.

In 2013, Steele opened her own salon and began using her magic hair growth serum on clients. She received positive feedback from satisfied customers. They liked the effectiveness of the serum on their hair growth potential. So, she decided to sell it online. In 2018, Stormi’s innovation gave life to Canvas Beauty Brand.

Since then, Canvas Beauty Brand has become one of the most sought-after beauty products globally. Steele’s commitment to quality has made her business thrive over the years. She releases new products every month ranging from shampoos to deep conditioners that sell between $11.99-$50.

As if founding one of America’s leading hair brands wasn’t enough, Stormi Steele is also a reality TV personality. She has been a regular cast member of “Love and Marriage Huntsville,” one of the most popular reality shows on television.

Stormi Steele is a testament to how individuals can turn their dreams into reality through resilience and hard work. Her entrepreneurial spirit has inspired many young men and women around the world. She inspired them to pursue their passions no matter how insurmountable the odds may seem. And given her remarkable track record, there’s no doubt she’ll keep growing her business empire in the years to come.

Stormi Steele Personal Life

Steele’s devotion to her business is matched only by her husband, Courtney Beasley’s, efforts. He too is an entrepreneur and founder of natural hair care firm Canvas Beauty Brand. The couple has been together since Steele’s teens, and their partnership has proven fruitful for both businesses.

Beyond the lens, Stormi’s private world seized the spotlight. Her union with lifelong partner, Courtney Beasley, led to the radiant addition of their son in 2021. Through occasional Instagram peeks, Stormi weaves her family’s tale, enchanting her devoted audience.

Her commitment goes beyond work; family is central. Though she keeps her personal life private, her happiness is evident. This makes her an even bigger inspiration. Not just for Canvas Beauty’s success, but for balancing work and family. This showcases her as a role model, motivating others. Not just in business, but in leading a fulfilling life.


As of 2023, Stormi Steele net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. It is a testament to her hard work and persistence amidst difficult times.

Her paid social media advertising campaigns have helped grow her business exponentially. It enabled her to move from a small depository into a massive 17,000-square-foot factory.

In conclusion, Stormi Steele has transformed her passion into an empire. She achieved this through unwavering determination and innovative marketing techniques. Her success story becomes an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. These individuals must be ready to dedicate the necessary hard work to realize their dreams.

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