IT FINALLY HAPPENED. This born and raised Mainer FINALLY visited the amazing house where Stephen King and his family used to live!

Let’s dive in!

Visiting Stephen King’s Old House in Bangor, Maine

My family had tried to visit this building a few times, but it just never worked out. I felt like the worst King fan having never made my way to see it.

One day, the day I got to meet my brand new nephew, Hudson, we took a little detour on our way back from lunch. As we turned onto the street, I involuntarily gasped. The house was RIGHT THERE.

We pulled up to the sidewalk a bit away from the very front of the house and got out to look.

I had seen photos, but actually being there was such a cool feeling!

The gates are so freaking cool. When my husband and I find our forever home, I would LOVE to have even a tiny section of gate that had a horror theme like this.

The carving in the old tree out front was awesome to see in person as well! The artistry here amazes me every time I see a photo of it! What a great idea to do something like this rather than just cutting the tree down!

Here’s a closer look, but you can find much better ones online:

I had brought my favorite King book along with me, just in case we had time to try to stop by, so of course I had to get my husband to get a shot with me holding The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon! Queue me being overly excited and super awkward in front of the camera!

I had to get a shot of the book with the house in the background too!

And we had to get one of me and my husband at the gates as well! I am ordering a copy of this one with my next print order to frame for my personal library. Shout out to my brother for getting this shot!

And lastly, one of me and little Hudson! The main reason why we were in Maine that weekend.

I’m so excited to see if this little guy grows up and has any interest in books or the horror genre! If he does, I can’t wait to show him this photo of his little sleeping self!

Visiting this beautiful home was such a treat! Everything about it is lovely; the gates with the bats and spiders absolutely rules, the victorian mansion itself is beautiful, and the landscaping around it is very well kept. I’m kicking myself for not bringing my actual camera along!

This is definitely a wonderful spot for fans to visit at least once! As long as they’re respectful of course!

Thanks for reading!

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