Scoot Henderson is an exceptional talent in the G League Ignite. For good reason, he is considered one of the league’s top prospects. While he may not be the #1 pick this year due to the impressive Victor Wembanyama, he still makes an excellent choice for any team. Scoot has played with the G League Ignite for two years and turned 19 in February. During this time, he has averaged 15.5 points per game, 6 APG, 4.7 rebounds per game, 1.1 steals per game, 0.4 blocks per game, and 3.1 turnovers with shooting splits of 44/34/74.

Scoot Henderson:


Henderson’s game is characterized by his unshakable confidence and deadly shooting abilities. He effortlessly sinks shots from all court areas with his excellent pull-up jumper, exhibiting remarkable accuracy in finding the basket.

His athleticism is awe-inspiring, possessing exceptional explosiveness and a tank-like physique. He towers over opponents with his outstanding frame, enabling him to navigate the court with finesse and making him a formidable presence during fast breaks and slashing opportunities.

His versatility sets Henderson apart, excelling at driving to the basket and leaving defenders in his wake with unparalleled athletic abilities and gentle touch. He is a formidable runner, outmaneuvering opponents and creating scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.

Henderson’s quick release on his jump shot further bolsters his offensive arsenal, making him a constant threat from beyond the arc and forcing defenders to stay on high alert. He also demonstrates an excellent pick-and-roll feel when handling the ball, making intelligent decisions, and creating opportunities for his team.

His ambidexterity is equally impressive, comfortable with both his left and right hands, confounding defenders and opening up additional avenues for scoring. His finishing ability is remarkable at the rim, consistently finding ways to convert difficult shots and leaving spectators in awe of his talent.


Henderson strives to enhance his shooting consistency as he already possesses an impressive shooting stroke. However, there is still room for improvement in maintaining a steady performance from beyond the arc, especially on pull-up jumpers. His growth must build a reliable shooting foundation.

Defensively, Henderson could enhance his game by improving his positioning and instincts. He occasionally finds himself out of position and not maintaining the ideal defensive stance, which presents an opportunity for growth. He can become a more well-rounded player and contribute effectively on both court ends by fine-tuning his defensive skills.

Henderson tends to rely heavily on long runners when faced with drop-big defenders, which limits his offensive options. While his ability to execute these shots is impressive, diversifying his scoring approaches will enable him to adapt to different defensive strategies more effectively. Developing alternative scoring options will enhance his offensive repertoire and make him a more significant threat on the court.


Scoot Henderson is a talented point guard who can score at all three levels and has the potential to complement an established star guard. Although his defensive abilities are difficult to evaluate due to the lack of defense in the G League, Henderson has the physical tools and basketball IQ to become a positive defender against guards and possibly wings. He can also adapt to advanced NBA schemes defensively.

As a primary ball-handler, Henderson is a reliable playmaker and scorer who can run both half-court and quick offenses. He consistently makes advanced reads and uses his scoring and athletic abilities to benefit his teammates. Henderson is unselfish and can see the next pass in advance, making him an excellent floor general. He can also run a clean pick and roll, a standard play in the NBA. Henderson is expected to average over 5 assists per game, depending on the team that drafts him.

Although his jump shot needs improvement, Henderson has all the tools to become a premier scoring threat. He has excellent footwork and quickness, allowing him to create space and easily reach his spots. Henderson also has excellent screen navigation as a ball-handler and can manipulate defenses with his strong creativity. As his jump shot becomes more consistent, he should easily become a clear 3-level scorer.

Henderson’s shooting threat can also open up his slashing and make him a dangerous off-ball threat as a cutter. He thrives in give-and-go’s and can shake off defenders with a strong fake cut and quick recovery step.

Overall, Henderson’s quickness, athleticism, strength, intelligence, maturity, shooting potential, and defensive upside make him a complete point guard prospect. Despite his height, he is challenging to eliminate from plays on either end of the court. At the start of his rookie season, Henderson will still be just 19 years old for his first 60 games in the league.

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