Korean drama and movie fans have found their latest crush and it is none other than Sang Heon Lee, the rising heartthrob who will be seen on the upcoming series XO, Kitty. Before the much-anticipated premiere of XO, Kitty, here’s a rundown of all we know about Sang Heon Lee including age and upcoming projects.

XO, Kitty will carry on the legacy of Netflix‘s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movies series where Kitty (Anna Cathcart) goes to Korea to make her fairytale dream come true aka to meet the love of her life. Jenny Han, the author of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is the brain behind the new original television series.

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Who is Sang Heon Lee?

Sang Heon Lee is an upcoming actor who will be seen in XO, Kitty, and Neill Blomkamp’s film Gran Turismo (2023). The new series of Sang Heon Lee will be the Korean American actor’s acting debut on television.

Sang Heon Lee’s age and Instagram

Sang Heon Lee is reportedly 28 years old and his Instagram handle @sangheonleesh gives a sneak peek at the actor’s hobbies and interests which include rock climbing and going to exhibitions.

Sang Heon’s passion for rock climbing has also led to his separate IG account climb_nice where he documents his climbing adventures.

A look into Sang Heon Lee’s role in XO, Kitty

Sang Heon Lee will be playing the character of Min Ho who is not the biggest fan of our lead woman. Korean drama fans who look forward to the Enemies To Lover trope will get a dosage of a tumultuous steamy romance. Anna Cathcart describes Min Ho as not the biggest fan of Kitty.

Sang Heon himself quipped about Minho saying, “he might not like you, but you’re gonna love him. Say hi to Min Ho!”

XO, Kitty will be airing on May 18 on Netflix. The series will have ten episodes in total.

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