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‘Taylor Swift’

  • (no war)

‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’

  • Tell Me Why: I took a chance, I took a shot and you might think I’m bulletproof but I’m not
  • Change: It’s a sad picture, the final blow hits you
  • Change: This revolution, the time will come
  • Change: We’ve been outnumbered, raided and now cornered
  • Change: It’s hard to fight when the fight ain’t fair
  • Change: Tonight we’ll stand, get off our knees, fight for what we’ve worked for all these years
  • Change: The battle was long, it’s the fight of our lives
  • Change: It’s a revolution, through your hands up
  • Mr. Perfectly Fine: So strategized, all the eyes on you

‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’’

  • Mean: You can take me down with just one single blow
  • Mean: You, with your switching sides and your wildfire lies and your humiliation
  • Innocent: I guess you really did it this time, left yourself in your warpath
  • Long Live: I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you
  • Timeless: Even if we’d met on a crowded street in 1944, and you were heard off to fight in the war
  • Timeless: I would’ve read your love letters every single night and prayed to God you’d be coming home all right

‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’

  • State of Grace: You come around and the armor falls, pierce the room like a cannonball
  • Ronan: You fought it hard like an army guy
  • Better Man: Push my love away like it’s some kind of loaded gun
  • Nothing New: Shoot you down and then they sigh and say “She looks like she’s been through it” (shooting down)
  • All Too Well (Ten Minute Version): I’m a soldier who’s returning half her weight

‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’

  • Bad Blood: Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes
  • I Know Places: They take their shots, but we’re bulletproof
  • Clean: Hung my head as I lost the war
  • You Are In Love: And you understand now why they lost their minds and fought the wars
  • Bad Blood (feat. Kendrick Lamar): Now POV of you and me, similar Iraq
  • Bad Blood (feat. Kendrick Lamar): It was my season for battle wounds, battle scars, body bumped, bruised


  • (no war)


  • The Archer: Combat, I’m ready for combat
  • You Need To Calm Down: You are somebody that I don’t know but you’re taking shots at me like it’s Patrón
  • You Need To Calm Down: You are somebody that we don’t know but you’re coming at my friends like a missile


  • Exile: You’re not my homeland anymore, so what am I defending now?
  • My Tears Ricochet: And so the battleships will sink beneath the waves
  • Mad Woman: My cannons all firing at your yacht
  • Epiphany: Keep your helmet, keep your life, son
  • Epiphany: Just a flesh wound, here’s your rifle
  • Epiphany: Crawling up the beaches now, “Sir, I think he’s bleeding out”
  • Epiphany: With you I serve, with you I fall down, down
  • Peace: And you know that I’d swing with you for the fences, sit with you in the trenches


  • Tolerate It: I greet you with a battle hero’s welcome
  • Tolerate It: When did all our lessons start to look like weapons pointed at my deepest hurt?
  • Long Story Short: Fatefully, I tried to pick my battles ‘til the battle picked me
  • Long Story Short: We live in peace, but if someone comes at us, this time, I’m ready
  • Evermore: Whether weather be the frost or the violence of the dog days


  • Mastermind: Strategy sets the scene for the tale
  • The Great War: Flashes of the battle come back to me in a blur
  • The Great War: All that bloodshed, crimson clover
  • The Great War: My hand was the one you reached for all throughout the Great War
  • The Great War: I vowed not to cry anymore if we survived the Great War
  • The Great War: You drew up some good faith treaties
  • The Great War: The bombs were closer
  • The Great War: I vowed not to fight anymore if we survived the Great War
  • The Great War: Soldier down on that icy ground
  • The Great War: Broken and blue, so I called off the troops
  • The Great War: There’s no morning glory, it was war, it wasn’t fair
  • The Great War: I vowed I would always be yours ’cause we survived the Great War
  • You’re Losing Me: All I did was bleed as I tried to be the bravest soldier
  • You’re Losing Me: Fighting in only your army, front lines, don’t your ignore me

Other Songs written by Taylor

  • Eyes Open: Yesterday, we were just children playing soldiers, just pretending
  • Eyes Open: In backyards, winning battles with our wooden swords
  • Renegade: You fire off missiles cause you hate yourself, but do you know you’re demolishing me?
  • Safe and Sound: The war outside our door keeps raging on
  • The Alcott: Everything that’s mine is a landmine

Official Alternate Versions

  • (no war)
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