How tall was Freddie Mercury?

Before I get into this, let me just say that I don’t actually have any idea how tall Freddie Mercury was. However, I looked into it a while ago and now I’ve decided to share my findings.

See, the thing is, Google would have us believe that Freddie was 1.77m tall. And I’m not so sure that’s true. Why? Well, let me explain…

Here we have the heights of Roger Taylor and Rami Malek, according to Google. (I can only include so many pictures in one post, but at least to me, it seems obvious from all pictures of the band I’ve ever looked at that Roger was a couple cm taller than Freddie and Deaky was a few cm taller than Roger, and Brian was the tallest. So those are the “facts” I’m working with here.) I have two issues with these numbers straight away.

1) If Deaky is 1.80m and Roger is 1.79m they’re only 1cm apart. That seems off to me.

2) If Rami Malek is 1.75cm tall, he is 10cm taller than Lucy, however:

He very definitely isn’t.

And then it gets interesting, because here are pictures of Roger and Rami side by side.

Huh, it looks as though Roger (who is crouching a tiny bit here) is only a little taller than Rami. Of course, Roger is a bit shorter now than he used to be.

And then, will you look at that, going past the very first Google result (to, like, the third), we find this:

Now this seems a lot more plausible for both Rami and Roger, which would mean that Freddie was a few cm shorter than 1.76m.

Elton John, it would appear, is roughly Freddie’s height or perhaps a tiny bit shorter.

How tall was Elton John?

1.71cm or thereabouts.

So, in conclusion, I now believe Freddie Mercury was about 1.72cm tall. Fight me. (I’m joking, please don’t fight me, I just looked into this for fun! 🙈)

Why is Google wrong? Well, the boys (Roger and Freddie) lied about their heights a lot! Look at this:

Here, Roger would have us believe that he is as tall as Deaky and Freddie wants us to believe that he was 1.78m tall and weighed 54kg. 😂 Wtf, Freddie.

And that’s it, thanks for coming to my TED talk! If you have more info, please feel free to add on! ☺️👍🏻

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