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I recently highlighted seven players to consider acquiring in dynasty leagues. Now I’m turning my attention to those players I’m looking to trade away.

Trading away dynasty assets is tricky business. On one hand, if you’re trading away a player, it’s because you feel that his current value is inflated over his future potential. Or, it could be that you’re looking to capitalize on the player’s trend because you don’t feel your team will be competitive enough to utilize his production. In either case, if you’re trading away a player, you’re making a bet that his value will be on the decline. It’s a dangerous game.

Those who know my work know I strongly favor known over unknown. To put it another away: Production over unknown production. For this reason, I have more difficulty trading away productive assets because, once established, the player has already cleared multiple hurdles toward becoming a valued asset. I don’t take that lightly. To bet that the player isn’t going to perform at that same level in the future is one I try not to make very often.

Instead, when looking to trade away productive assets, it’s usually reserved for two separate circumstances that I’m always considering:

  • A player’s value significantly overvalues his current status, also known as market momentum
  • I have significant depth and am willing to trade away production to return it elsewhere

No. 1 is always the most difficult for me, but our age of social networks and trending players allows the “sell high” strategy to work more often than it did a decade or two ago. I mention this because some of the players listed are current environment momentum plays who I’m seeking to capitalize on.

As always, any referenced dynasty Trade Analyzer, player rankings or ADP data comes from DynastyLeagueFootball (DLF), the oldest and largest dynasty-centric site on the planet. All rankings assume a PPR format.

Let’s get to the players I’m looking to trade away now!

Dak Prescott, QB DAL

  • DLF Rank: QB14 Age: 30

The issue here is that Prescott’s value is already in decline. I moved him twice this past season as it became more apparent to me that he’s not a transcendent talent at the position nor is he the long-term answer in Dallas.

Let me separate my fantasy take from that of my personal thoughts. I love Prescott. I love his style, values and the way he goes about his role as the Cowboys starting quarterback. But there’s something missing that I can’t put my finger on. It’s somewhere between lack of field vision and the inability to slide away from taking bad sacks. He always appears scared in the pocket. It’s frustrating. And just when I’m about ready to cut bait in every league, he has a big game. I’m realizing I prefer consistency over feast or famine — not exactly an earthshaking view there.

If you have a decent quarterback stable, my suggestion would be to unload Prescott for a very late first or early second round pick, if possible, and use that returned capital to address the position again in a relatively deep 2024 rookie quarterback class.

Puka Nacua, WR LAR

  • DLF Rank: WR22 Age: 23

Puka Nacua has had a tremendous start to his professional career following his fifth-round selection by the Rams in 2023. Through seven games, the rookie has amassed a 58/752/2 line, an enormous and impressive achievement.

I love what the rookie is doing, but the narrative has jumped the fence, ran through the field and into the woods. It’s very unlikely Nacua will be able to maintain his current production rate, especially with Cooper Kupp back in the mix. Even if he were to continue to produce, regression is nearly guaranteed. Trading away Nacua is simply a play on my strong belief that he’s not a transcendent receiver. I like Nacua as a possession target but his value ascent has reached a ridiculous extreme. I’ll take the return value I can get in trade, currently showing as a high-first in 2024 rookie draft return on DLF’s Trade Analyzer, and parlay that into what projects to be a very strong 2024 receiver class.

Stefon Diggs, WR BUF

  • DLF Rank: WR13 Age: 29

Diggs turns 30 in November and is on pace to have a career year in 2023. Unless I’m competing, I’m seeking to capitalize on his production trend, as it’s never been higher.

The difficulty in moving a receiver like Diggs is that he’s such a consistent producer. But if you don’t move him soon, you run the risk of simply having to risk him retiring off your roster. That’s not a bad proposition if you possess a competitive team, but if you’re on that line, consider capitalizing while his iron remains red hot.

Jordan Addison, WR MIN

  • DLF Rank: WR18 Age: 21

Addison has performed well as a rookie, matching fellow rookie receiver Zay Flowers in production. That feat isn’t completely unexpected as phenom Justin Jefferson receives constant double-teams, allowing Addison to work more into space and over the top. He’s performed well in that regard.

The Vikings are about to undergo a transition, arguably into a full rebuild with quarterback Kirk Cousins not expected to return in 2024. A rookie quarterback can wreak havoc on productive receivers and my belief remains that Addison doesn’t have enough athletic profile to maintain his current WR18 status. As a rookie, he already carries premium in his ranking and I’d be looking to move him into that strength.

There’s every possibility that Addison continues to perform, but his return premium is currently too great for me to ignore.

Jerry Jeudy, WR DEN

  • DLF Rank: WR33 Age: 24

This one stings. I pegged Jeudy as a potential phenom at the NFL level. In all honesty, he could still develop into just that. The problem is that between recurring injury and poor team dynamic, he’s not producing, and I can’t say there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The OCtober 31 NFL trade deadline is my last hope.

In the absence of a trade, I don’t know what can change to turn Jeudy’s fortunes. It’s clear the Broncos are about to start a rebuild under new head coach Sean Payton, and Russell Wilson won’t be part of that plan. An incoming rookie quarterback doesn’t bode well should Jeudy remain, but all indications are that he’ll be traded before 2024.

If you’re patient, continue to hold. If you get a solid offer, currently at the mid-to-late first (2024) value, I’d jump. Jeudy possesses all the upside imaginable and is still only 24. There’s enough remaining intrigue for an acquisition to be made if his value falls too far, but until that happens, I’m on the other side of the ledger.

James Cook, RB BUF

  • DLF Rank: RB16 Age: 24

Cook has already begun to slip in rankings of late and if I were in possession of shares of the second-year back, I’d be looking to move him within the next few days. By all appearances, Cook doesn’t possess that carry-the-load size or potential and, while I believe he can be an effective production asset in the NFL, he’s destined to be just another piece in a committee. Furthermore, with the looming NFL trade deadline, my bet is that the Bills will move to add a significant piece to their committee. Should the team add Saquon Barkley, Josh Jacobs or the like, Cook’s value will plummet.

James Cook is showing a mid-to-late first in 2024 rookie draft value on DLF’s Trade Analyzer and that’s enough for me to send him packing.

Rachaad White, RB TB

  • DLF Rank: RB25 Age: 24

My narrative on White has been unwavering. I opined last year that his profile and tape didn’t suggest he would be a consistent and material producer at the NFL level but, instead, could be a capable complementary piece. I have seen nothing to suggest otherwise.

White should have no significant competition for touches this year unless the team makes a move prior to the trade deadline. He’ll have another half of a season to prove he’s the answer in the backfield. My strong bet is that he is not. Wait for a big game leading up to your trade deadline to maximize his value.

Hope you enjoyed this look at just some of the players I’m looking to move in the coming weeks. If you have thoughts or questions, please be sure to leave a comment and also give me a follow on Twitter and Threads: @DLF_Jeff

As always, be well, be happy and, please, be good to each other!

(Photo of Puka Nacua: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports)

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