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OBD-II Trouble Code Technical Description

Ford P1000: OBDII Monitor Testing Not Complete Jaguar P1000: System readiness test not complete Kia P1000: System diagnosis incomplete Land Rover P1000: Engine control module (ECM) memory erased – no codes stored Mazda P1000: OBDII Drive Cycle Malfunction

What does that mean?

The P1000 DTC code is a manufacturer specific trouble code. In the case of Ford & Jaguar vehicles, it simply means that the OBD-II monitor testing is not complete. It is a similar meaning for Mazda, which is OBD-II drive cycle malfunction.

If an OBD-II monitor does not carry out their full diagnostic check, this DTC may be set also.


Symptoms of a P1000 DTC will include MIL (Malfunction indicator lamp) illumination and that should be it. There shouldn’t be any other symptoms unless you have other DTCs.

Potential Causes

Potential causes of a P1000 include:

  • The battery or PCM has been disconnected (Ford, Mazda, Jaguar)
  • The diagnostic trouble codes have been cleared (Ford, Mazda, Jaguar)
  • An OBD monitor concern occured before completion of the drive cycle (Ford)

Possible Solutions

Although this may be considered a common Ford DTC, it’s very minor. You in fact can safely ignore this code and it should go away as part of normal driving, you do not need to clear this code (as it may not actually turn off the MIL). If you want to the code to clear itself, faster, run through the Ford Drive Cycle.

In the case of Jaguar vehicles, we recommend you run through the Jaguar Drive Cycles to clear the code.

However, if you have other trouble codes, the MIL will stay on as there are other issues.

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