How much is Rasheeda’s Net Worth?

So how much is Rasheeda worth? According to our research, Rasheeda’s net worth is estimated to be $1 Million Dollars. In 2023, Rasheeda’s income has gone up to $1 million, which is more than the $0.9 million she earned in 2022 and the $0.8 million she made in 2021. She makes money from her music career, her role in the TV show “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” and her boutique called “IamBossy.” Rasheeda is an American rapper, a cast member on a reality TV show, and she owns a boutique. Her first album was called “Dirty South.”

Who is Rasheeda?

Rasheeda is a versatile American talent known for her roles as a rapper, television personality, and entrepreneur. Born on May 25, 1982, in Illinois, she made her debut in the music industry in 2001. However, it was her 2007 single “Got That Good (My Bubble Gum)” that catapulted her to fame. Throughout her career, she has released numerous albums and collaborated with well-known artists, showcasing her musical prowess.

In addition to her music career, Rasheeda has ventured into the world of reality TV, making appearances on VH1’s popular show “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta.” Her presence on the show has allowed fans to see another facet of her life and personality. With a net worth of $1 million, Rasheeda is not just an artist but also a successful entrepreneur. She owns a boutique named “IamBossy,” which adds to her business portfolio.

On a personal note, Rasheeda married Kirk Frost in 1999, and the couple has two sons, Ky and Karter. Their family life has been partially documented on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” where Ky has made appearances alongside his parents, offering viewers a glimpse into their personal lives. This combination of music, television, entrepreneurship, and family has made Rasheeda a multifaceted and well-loved figure in the entertainment industry.

How old is Rasheeda?

Rasheeda was born on May 25, 1976, according to this her age is 47 years old as of now, in Decatur, Georgia, United States. Despite the passing years, Rasheeda remains a dynamic force in the entertainment industry. Her career has spanned decades, and her influence continues to grow. Born and raised in Decatur, Georgia, her hometown has always been a source of inspiration for her music, which often incorporates elements of Southern hip-hop and the unique culture of the region. Rasheeda’s age in 2023 represents not only her personal growth and experiences but also her enduring impact on the world of music and television.

How tall is Rasheeda?

Rasheeda stands at a height of 157 cm (5 feet 2 inches) and maintains a weight of 51 kg (112 lbs). Her petite stature has not hindered her commanding presence in the entertainment industry. Her lean and fit physique reflects her commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her height and weight are in proportion, contributing to her graceful and confident appearance both on and off the stage. Rasheeda’s physical attributes complement her talent, adding to her appeal as a versatile artist and television personality.

What is Rasheeda Nationality?

Rasheeda is an American by nationality. She was born in Decatur, Georgia, United States, on May 25, 1976. Her roots in American culture and her experiences growing up in Decatur have greatly influenced her music and career. As an American, she has not only contributed to the vibrant and diverse entertainment industry of her home country but has also gained recognition and fans worldwide. Rasheeda’s identity as an American artist and TV personality is an integral part of her success story, and her achievements continue to make her a proud representative of her nation in the global entertainment arena.

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Rasheeda Career

  • Rasheeda is a multi-talented American artist with roles spanning across various domains, including:

    • Rapper: She gained recognition for her music career, with her 2000 hit single “My Bubble Gum” reaching number 12 on the Billboard chart.

    • Singer: Throughout her career, she has released multiple albums and worked alongside many renowned artists in the music industry.

    • Fashion Designer: Rasheeda has ventured into the world of fashion, establishing herself as a notable fashion designer.

    • Reality TV Star: She has also made a name for herself in the world of reality television.

    • Entrepreneur: Rasheeda has successfully transitioned into entrepreneurship, showcasing her business acumen.

  • Her music collaborations include tracks with Petey Pablo, Nelly, Nivea, Cherish, and even an appearance in Ciara’s “Goodies” video, further highlighting her versatility as an artist.

  • Rasheeda’s career began in 1998 as a member of the female hip-hop trio, Da Kaperz, marking the initial step in her journey to stardom.

  • She has since diversified her career by entering the realm of reality TV, where her presence has captivated audiences.

  • Rasheeda’s entrepreneurial spirit has led her to excel in the fashion industry, solidifying her status as a fashion designer.

  • Since 1999, Rasheeda has shared her life with Kirk Frost, with the couple welcoming two children into their family. Their enduring relationship adds a personal dimension to her public persona, providing insight into her life beyond the spotlight.

Rasheeda Achievement and Awards

Here are some of Rasheeda’s notable awards and achievements:

  • Multi-Talented Artist: Rasheeda is a versatile American talent known for her roles in multiple creative domains:

    • Rapper: She has made a mark in the music industry as a rapper.

    • Singer: Her musical prowess extends to singing, enhancing her versatility as an artist.

    • Fashion Designer: Beyond music, she has explored the world of fashion design.

  • Accolades and Recognition:

    • 2009 DJ Core Award: Rasheeda’s talent was acknowledged with the DJ Core Award in 2009, a notable recognition in the underground music scene.
    • 2009 Mix-Tape Artist Female of the Year: Her skills earned her the title of Mix-Tape Artist Female of the Year in 2009, further solidifying her position in the industry.
    • 2013 Boss Chick Award: Rasheeda’s entrepreneurial spirit was celebrated with the Boss Chick Award in 2013, an honor reflecting her multifaceted career.
    • BET Awards Nomination: She has been nominated for prestigious accolades, including the highly regarded BET Awards’ Best Female Hip Hop Artist category, underscoring her impact on the hip-hop genre.
  • Signature Hit: Rasheeda’s standout moment came in 2000 with her hit single “My Bubble Gum,” which reached an impressive number 12 on the Billboard chart. This song catapulted her into the mainstream music scene.

  • Album Releases and Collaborations: Over the years, Rasheeda has released several albums and has collaborated with numerous renowned artists, showcasing her versatility and contribution to the music industry.

  • Diversification: Beyond music, Rasheeda has expanded her horizons. She ventured into the realm of reality TV, where her presence has resonated with audiences. Additionally, she has ventured into entrepreneurship, demonstrating her business acumen.

Rasheeda is a multi-talented American artist who has made significant contributions to the music industry as a rapper and singer. Her recognition in the form of awards, nominations, and chart-topping hits like “My Bubble Gum” underscores her impact. Beyond music, she has diversified her career with roles in reality television and entrepreneurship, showcasing her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

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