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Jalando from the mexican streets to your ears, the lyrics in “Ch y la Pizza” by Fuerza Regida & Natanael Cano is an exceptional tune that reeks of authenticity and street smarts. Here, the term ‘Ch’ is a Mexican slang for ‘Chamba’ or work, while ‘la Pizza’ refers to money— the ‘cheese’ in this case. The track dives deep into the underbelly of street life, with mentions of Santería, hustling in the U.S (Gabacho), and standing firm in the face of treachery.

Breaking it down, Fuerza Regida kicks off with a shout-out— “‘Márquele sección!”, essentially calling the shots and setting the stage. Coming from a point of braggadocio, the group declares, “No es cuestión de culto, pero porto los collares,” alluding to them not being religious but still rocking necklaces, possibly referencing Santería amulets for protection.

There’s a slick play on words with “En el gabacho se parte el queso”, a direct translation would read “In the U.S, the cheese is cut”, but in actuality, it signifies making money (‘cheese’) in the States, yet another example of the inventiveness of hip-hop linguistics. The line “Puro belicón qué huevos trae, no es pa adornar” is a brash assertion of their grit and determination— they have ‘balls’, and it’s not just for show.

Pa Que Hablen

There’s a mention of “Sushi Ranch Roll”— not your everyday menu pick— which could be a metaphor for the exotic, lavish lifestyle they now enjoy due to their street hustle. “El que puede, puede” seals this segment with the truth— those who can, do. Point blank. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, homie.

Pay attention to “Póngase bien vergas que cargo el cuernón”; here, the artist is warning rivals to stay ready because they’re packing some serious firepower. “Traiciones no aguantan, pa buenos los santos,” here’s a sentiment we can all ride with— ain’t nobody got time for betrayals, only the good prevail.

On the second verse, Fuerza Regida proclaims themselves as an ‘eminence’— élite, for the party and havoc, and they’re backed by their supporters from “el 19”. The recurring line “JGL haciendo verdes,” is likely referencing their financial success— JGL representing their label, JG Music, quite literally ‘making green’.

Beyond the surface level, “Ch y la Pizza” is a testament to the rags-to-riches journeys that many find relatable. It’s about pushing past trials and tribulations and carving out a niche, all while keeping it 100. Can’t front on that, B!

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