Over the last decade or so, American YouTube sensation Jimmy Donaldson, also known as “MrBeast,” and the Swedish-born YouTube veteran Felix Kjellberg, commonly referred to as “PewDiePie,” have stood out as two influential figures in the YouTube landscape.

While PewDiePie has recently taken a step back and is leading a semi-retired life, Jimmy, who is relatively newer to the scene, is exerting even greater dominance within the YouTube community.

A common thread between both MrBeast and PewDiePie is their immense wealth and success. With both creators boasting over 100 million subscribers, they stand as true giants in the YouTube realm.

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MrBeast or PewDiePie – who is richer?

To determine which of the two, Jimmy or Felix, is wealthier, let’s begin by examining their respective net worths. In a recent Forbes article titled “Could MrBeast Be The First YouTuber Billionaire?” it was reported that Jimmy’s net worth in 2023 reached an impressive $500 million (some sources estimate it to be much lower).

The reported net worth figure of $500 million is likely an estimate that includes various income sources, not just his YouTube endeavors. It’s common for high-profile YouTubers to generate income from multiple avenues, such as business ventures, brand partnerships, merchandising, and investments.

For example, Jimmy’s chocolate bar company, Feastables, which he launched in January 2022, achieved remarkable success by generating more than $10 million in sales within its initial months of operation.

According to Forbes, one of Jimmy’s most substantial assets is his YouTube studio, which is estimated to be valued at an impressive $1.5 billion. While he holds a majority of the shares in the studio, he has mentioned in the past that he might consider selling a minority stake in it.

Jimmy’s wealth also stems from brand partnerships, sponsorships, and high-cost video productions on his YouTube channel, in addition to his valuable YouTube studio and other business ventures.

What is PewDiePie’s net worth in 2023?

As mentioned earlier, PewDiePie has chosen to step back from the limelight and now leads a quieter family life in Japan with his wife and newborn child. However, despite his reduced online presence, he remains one of the wealthiest YouTubers in the industry.

As of 2023, various online sources estimate PewDiePie’s net worth differently, with figures ranging from around $56 million (bloggerpassions.com) to as high as $120 million (caclubindia.com).

Despite his reduced upload frequency, PewDiePie continues to earn a substantial income from his sporadic YouTube content, with reports suggesting monthly earnings ranging from $2 to $4 million.

Based on the reported net worth figures, it appears that MrBeast currently has a higher estimated net worth compared to PewDiePie.

Both MrBeast and PewDiePie have stated that their creative work is not primarily about amassing wealth. They are driven by their passion for content creation and connecting with their audiences.

For instance, MrBeast reinvests a significant portion of his earnings into creating content and engaging in philanthropic initiatives, demonstrating a commitment to making a positive impact beyond personal wealth.

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