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MrBallen Wife – Jonathan B. Allen, better known as MrBallen, is an American Navy SEAL, Youtuber, and storyteller.

MrBallen joined Youtube on March 22, 2015, and runs three channels. Being the wife of such a courageous and considerate person has consistently drawn attention to Amanda.

Amanda Allen, Mr Ballen’s wife, is a housewife. More than a decade has passed since John and Amanda started dating.

In January 2020, the YouTube star established Ballen Studios, his own business. He found a Board Member at Elite Meet as well.

His LinkedIn page lists him as an Operators Association co-founder.

He goes by John Allen, a former Navy Seal on the internet. Online admiration was received for his motivational account of discovering his life’s purpose after leaving the Navy and creating organisations supporting service members.

As per the sources, Mr. Ballen makes about $31.9K monthly from his YouTube videos. Keep reading to know more about Mr Ballen’s wife, career, children, relationship with wife, net worth and more!

Who Is MrBallen Wife Details

Mr. Ballen Early Life

Jonathan B. Allen, also known as Mr. Ballen, was born in Quincy, Massachusetts. His father was a journalist; therefore, storytelling was a big part of his family’s upbringing.

However, Allen only found himself drawn to stories after a while. He dropped out at UMass Amherst after one semester in 2007 when he graduated from North Quincy High School.

He later returned to UMass Amherst, where in 2010, he earned a philosophy bachelor’s degree.

Mr Ballen Education

Mr Ballen pursued higher education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, earning a philosophy bachelor’s degree there in 2010.

His philosophy-related school background influenced his storytelling approach and how he exposed actual crime tales and riddles.

Mr Ballen Career

Nearly three years ago, Mr. Ballen started his social media career. Before becoming a well-known social media celebrity, he did, however, accomplish many things over the previous ten years.

When he was a college student, his interest in the military started to increase. The US Navy employed him as a Navy Seal after graduating.

After serving his country for seven years, he abandoned his job. Within a short period, he co-founded Elite Meet, a nonprofit talent collaboration, in February 2017.

The company was established to represent elite veterans, fighter pilots, and Navy SEALs. Before September 2020, he was the organisation’s CEO and is currently a Board Member.

Late in 2019, MrBallen opened an account on Tiktok to start his social media career. Since the app was popular then, he decided to sign up for it and start uploading short clips.

He did not upload any dancing or lip-syncing videos, in contrast to other producers. He got the excellent idea to upload strange and intriguing short stories.

His comedic flicks quickly became viral because they are so amusing. He has accumulated over five million fans in less than a year of publishing videos. Additionally, he acquired more than a million followers in a single month in June 2020.

He thought everything was fine, but for an unknown reason, Tiktok shadowbanned his account.

His account suffered, and he began concentrating primarily on his YouTube channel. He currently has 196 million likes and more than 8.2 million followers.

His First video on the channel was posted on March 30, 2020. Our research indicates that he has already uploaded videos.

Due to his fame, he had minimal issues growing his YouTube following. He reached over a million channel members by year’s end.

He makes viral videos by making well-researched, high-quality flicks. The channel has 6.96 million subscribers and 1.3 billion video views.

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After YouTube introduced the Shorts feature, he established a new channel for posting short films. This channel has more than 2.25 million subscribers as of right now.

Also, on Amazon Music, he hosts the MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark, and Mysterious Stories.

After releasing the first episode on February 14, 2022, he produced more than 87 others.

The podcast only has a few episodes, despite being available on all other streaming platforms. Mr Ballen shares the strangest and darkest stories with listeners on the audio-only show.

All About MrBallen Wife

The wife of Mr. Ballen, John B. Allen, Amanda Allen, loves her privacy. She resides in Nassau County, New York, with her spouse.

Mrs Balllen has yet to be on the screens, despite her husband having a significant online presence across numerous platforms. She is fine supporting Mr Ballen from behind the cameras.

Amanda is concentrating on her relationship and family with Mr Ballen and has yet to decide to become well-known.

For several years, the couple has been together. They haven’t appeared in public together, though. Amanda preferred to lead a private life and avoid the spotlight.

She has a private Instagram account, although she is active there as @alallen416. Her account has 183 followers and 130 posts, with over 1,000 followers.

Mr Ballen’s Age Differences With His Wife

There is little age difference between Amanda Allen and Mr. Ballen’s connection.

They were college sweethearts, so they are both in their 30s. Mr Ballen, 34, was born on October 1st, 1988. The specifics of his wife’s birthdate are still unknown, though.

They are regarded as being of comparable age and attended the same university.

MrBallen’s Relationship With Wife Amanda

Around the time of their late college years, Amanda and Mr. Ballen got married. The entire history of their relationship is currently out of stock, though.

They initially connected at their university, and after dating, they decided to get married.

They are close. Amanda is one of her husband’s biggest supporters despite her anonymity. The couple is still together after ten years of marriage in 2022.

Although Mr. Ballen’s hectic schedule gets in the way, their mutual understanding has preserved Amanda’s family ties.

A son and two girls, totalling three lovely children, were born to Amanda and John. But until then, no one will know their names.

Additionally, Mr Ballen routinely posts photos of his kids on Instagram.

Mr Ballen Children

Over ten years have passed since Mr Ballen wed Amanda. They first connected while attending college together, and now they are parents to two daughters and one son.

Mr Ballen recognises the value of healing and is aware that it can take time as a former Navy SEAL who encountered trauma and violence while serving in the military.

Mr Ballen’s Social Media

MrBallen, a well-known podcast host and internet star, is prominent on YouTube. He has more than 442K followers on Instagram, and her Youtube channel has over 7.82M subscribers. And more than 69.8K Twitter followers.

Mr Ballen Height And Weight

In 2022, Mr Ballen will be 34 years old. He stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 85 kilograms. John is an attractive man with light brown hair and hazel eyes.

Even though his body measurements (US) are unknown, his shoe size is 10.5 inches.

Why is Mr Ballen So Popular?

Mr Ballen became well-known thanks to his YouTube channel, which posts fascinating riddles and true crime tales.

His writings include many topics, from spooky campfire tales to mysterious disappearances and other intriguing situations.

MrBallen has over 7.9 million subscribers and is among the most popular YouTube creators. His podcast, Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories, which debuted and immediately rose to the top of Spotify’s accurate crime podcast chart, contributed to his growing fame.

Mr Ballen’s Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Mr Ballen is $4 million. His primary income comes from YouTube ads, sponsorships, goods, podcasts, etc. Most of his income comes from YouTube ads as a full-time star.

Monthly, 40 million people watch his channel. Our calculations show he would make about $150,000 in monthly advertising revenue.

While he first makes money from his movies through commercials, he also works with other companies to promote their products or services.

After watching his videos, significant companies like Nord VPN, Ridge Wallet, ZipRecruiter, SimpliSafe, and many others already supported him. Our calculations indicate that he would receive monthly sponsorship payments totalling six figures.

He runs the online clothes store shopmrballen[dot]com and sells goods there. He sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, posters, and more on his website.

Prices for the items run from $20 to $60. Mr. Ballen sold out every item on the list since the designs were beautiful and high quality.

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