Montblanc’s latest horological marvel, the 1858 Geosphere 0 Oxygen South Pole, recently faced the ultimate challenge as world-class alpinist Simon Messner, son of renowned explorer Reinhold Messner, tested its mettle in the unforgiving environment of the Antarctic Ice Marathon. In a remarkable feat, the watch not only endured but excelled, proving its worth as a survival tool in extreme conditions.

Montblanc 1858 Geosphere 0 Oxygen South Pole Exploration LE1990

The Antarctic Ice Marathon, a grueling 26.2-mile race against fierce winds and bone-chilling temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit, provided the perfect backdrop for Montblanc’s Geosphere 0 Oxygen South Pole to showcase its capabilities. Laurent Lecamp, Montblanc’s global managing director, and Simon Messner participated in the marathon, finishing an impressive 7th place.

Simon Messner, accustomed to extreme conditions as a professional alpinist, emphasized the authenticity of the challenge, stating, “It’s not fake… everything we did was real.” The race, lasting approximately four hours, posed significant challenges, with competitors enduring freezing temperatures and relentless headwinds. The accomplishment of finishing side-by-side in such conditions underscored the watch’s reliability and performance.

According to Lecamp, even smartwatches, considered by many as modern tools, struggled to endure the harsh Antarctic climate. The Geosphere 0 Oxygen South Pole, designed with a unique concept of eliminating oxygen within the case to prevent fogging, emerged as the only mechanical watch worn during the race. Lecamp highlighted the advantage of a mechanical timepiece, unaffected by battery-dependent issues that can arise in extreme cold.

The watch’s design, featuring a captivating ice-patterned dial and a tribute to Simon Messner’s father, Reinhold Messner, adds a sentimental touch to its functionality. The timepiece captures the mesmerizing blue hues of the South Pole’s icy terrain, utilizing a meticulous process of volume stamping to create the ice pattern on the dial.


Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Geosphere 0 Oxygen South Pole houses the Caliber MB 29.25, an automatic World Time movement with a 42-hour power reserve. The dual three-dimensional globes on the dial, representing the Northern and Southern hemispheres, along with additional features like a day/night indicator, date window, and dual-time indication, showcase the watch’s versatility.

Notably, the watch’s construction in full titanium (Ti Grade 5) contributes to its ultra-lightweight nature, making it ideal for endurance races. Lecamp emphasized the watch’s comfort during the marathon, praising its fine adjustment system that allowed quick and easy adjustments on the wrist.

Montblanc 1858 Geosphere 0 Oxygen South Pole Exploration LE1990

While the Geosphere 0 Oxygen South Pole excelled as a tool for survival in extreme conditions, its aesthetic appeal, functionality, and relatively affordable price tag of $7,500 make it an attractive option for watch enthusiasts seeking a blend of performance and style. Montblanc’s achievement in the Antarctic Ice Marathon cements the Geosphere 0 Oxygen South Pole as a timepiece that transcends boundaries, proving its prowess beyond the confines of traditional watchmaking.

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