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As of August 2023, Ms. Rachel has a net worth of $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

American educator, songwriter, social media personality, and YouTuber Rachel Griffin Accurso aka Ms. Rachel is a huge social media personality, who has become famous for her content on children’s education. Born on 8 November 1982, Ms. Rachel went on to receive recognition for her YouTube show Songs for Littles which went viral on the platform. Before a career as a YouTuber, Rachel was a preschool teacher in New York City.

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Net Worth in 2023

Ms Rachel’s net worth is noted to be $10 million. Ms. Rachel started her career as a preschool teacher in New York City before she entered the YouTube content creation game. Rachel began her YouTube career by starting her YouTube channel which goes by the name “Songs for Littles – Toddler Learning Videos”. As of 2023, Ms. Rachel’s YouTube channel has a total of 6.33 million subscribers with around 105 videos uploaded to date.

According to Social Blade, as of 2023, Ms. Rachel’s estimated monthly earning is around $80.8K – $1.3M and her estimated yearly earning is around $970K – $15.5M. Back in 2019, Ms. Rachel’s net worth reportedly stood at $5.5 million. That same year she began making content for YouTube via her channel and through her sheer dedication, Rachel witnessed an 18.18% increase in her net worth by 2020. Her reported net worth for 2020 was $6.5 million. The following year, the channel witnessed a hike in views, fan following, and also in net worth. Ms.Rachel’s reported net worth for 2021 was $8 million. As the years passed, Rachel saw increased success through her videos.

Her follower list began growing and so did her earnings and net worth. The year 2022-23 has been great in terms of channel and earning growth for the YouTuber. Her net worth has now reached $10 million and continues to grow as the days pass by. Her average daily earning comes to around $2.5k to $40k.

Sources Of Income

Being a businesswoman, Rachel makes most of her profits from her classes and her revenue from her YouTube channel. The sources of her income have been discussed below:


As mentioned earlier, Ms. Rachel has worked on various projects in her career on YouTube. As of 2023, the actress has not revealed any information regarding her salary details. This is due to her being quite tight-lipped about her personal life. Her YouTube channel has a total of 6.33 million subscribers, which makes it easy to assume that she would be earning well from ad revenue on YouTube. As per reports, Ms. Rachel is believed to earn $3 million per year from ad income and sponsored content.


With a net worth of $10 million, it can be said that Ms.Rachel would have quite a lavish lifestyle for herself. As of 2023, there have not been any reports on the businesswoman’s expenses. This is due to her being quite tight-lipped about her personal life.

Real Estate

While it is noted that Ms. Rachel is living in the United States, as of 2023, there have not been any reports of her real estate properties on any platform.

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