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This past Friday (August 25), saw two of the music industry’s biggest pop stars simultaneously unveil their highly-anticipated new singles. Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez had been teasing their releases for some time, and they now find themselves in a friendly competition to determine who can achieve the highest initial chart success on the upcoming Billboard rankings.

Cyrus introduced her latest single, “Used To Be Young,” which appears to be a part of her recent album Endless Summer Vacation, as it was promptly integrated into the title’s tracklist. This latest tune is not a party anthem or a club hit, as the song holds a more subdued tone. Cyrus utilizes this opportunity to reminisce and contemplate the daring escapades of her youth. The accompanying music video features a heartfelt performance, with moments of emotional depth, even leading to tears.

“Used To Be Young” follows a streak of triumphant singles for Cyrus, as she started the year with her massive hit “Flowers,” which has become one of the most successful songs of the year globally. Following that triumph, the music industry is eagerly waiting to see whether she can replicate her recent blockbuster success, or at the very least, approach it.

Gomez, in contrast, embraces a lighter tone with her new single, “Single Soon,” released concurrently with Cyrus’s “Used To Be Young.” The track couldn’t be more different, as it is built around a dark electronic beat. Instead of introspection, Gomez crafts a narrative about her imminent transition to singlehood, capturing a sense of joyful anticipation rather than sadness.

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“Single Soon” marks Gomez’s first independent release in years, which only heightens anticipation for the track’s performance on the Billboard charts. With recent successes under her belt, including her feature on Afrobeats star Rema’s song “Calm Down,” which peaked at No. 3 on the Hot 100, Gomez enters this “competition” with considerable momentum.

The continued presence of “Calm Down” in the top 10 on the Hot 100 and its impressive performance on the Radio Songs ranking suggest that Gomez’s new single may receive substantial support from radio programmers and DJs, further bolstering its chart prospects, especially on the Hot 100.

As both “Used To Be Young” and “Single Soon” were released only days ago, their appearance on most Billboard charts will take more than a week. Their debut on lists like the Hot 100 and the Digital Song Sales chart is expected to occur shortly after Labor Day.

The initial chart positions may provide insights into the immediate impact of the releases, but it’s important to recognize that their starting points don’t definitively dictate their future trajectories. The friendly rivalry between Cyrus and Gomez—who promoted each other’s new songs on their respective social media accounts—is fun to watch, but both stars deserve applause and success for their latest offerings.

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