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According to Next Biography, Michael “michaelreeves” Reeves’ net worth is reported to be around $3 million as of 2022.

Michael “michaelreeves” Reeves is a 23-year-old American content creator, who grew famous after his experimental coding projects went viral. He is known for making eccentric devices, including a gas-powered fishing pole, a microwave that screams, and a robot that performs surgery. Thanks to his quirky and unique content, he rose in popularity fairly quickly and is currently a member of the Offline TV house.

Owing to the nature of his content, Michael does not have a regular posting schedule and yet despite this, he is still one of the top content creators on YouTube. He currently has over 7 million subscribers on the platform. On Twitch, Michael currently has 1.5 million followers on an account that he created during the latter end of 2019.

Personal Information

Net Worth$3 million

Michael Reeves’ Net Worth

Michael Reeves’ content revolves around technology and programming, and as a result, he has over 7 million YouTube subscribers. He is also a member of Offline TV, and features their members in his videos. Furthermore, while Michael has a Twitch account, he does not stream very often due to his extremely hectic schedule balancing his full-time job and his hobby of constructing robots. This just adds to his net wealth of around USD 3 million, despite the fact that his full-time job (as a software programmer for his own company INFIBIT LLC and the Agricultural Department of UHMC) has been his primary emphasis over the years.

Michael Reeves’ Sources Of Income

Michael earns money in a variety of ways as he works as a software engineer and is actively working on two distinct projects. This is in addition to his job in a business where he and two others are key shareholders. He also has a merch store and a YouTube and Twitch channel, and he has sponsorship for all of his YouTube videos.

Michael Reeves Streaming


Michael’s revenues from YouTube are difficult to calculate because of his inconsistent posting schedule. According to Social Blade, the channel attracts over a million views per month. It generates between USD 339 – 5.4k per month, and between USD 4.1k – 65.2k per year.


Michael’s Twitch earnings are unclear; because he does not stream frequently, his subscription numbers are not significant. Nonetheless, it is likely that he makes a substantial amount of money from donations. Given the number of viewers, especially with about 1.5 million followers, he might earn anywhere between $200 to $600 in donations from each stream.

Merchandising and Software Development

Michael’s income from coding and software development are not known. On his own website, he also offers products, with prices ranging from $15 to $10 for a poster and $25 for T-Shirts. However, the amount he earns from his website is unknown although given his popularity, Reeves is bound to earn a decent amount.


Michael’s YouTube videos are frequently sponsored by companies such as Honey, Amazon Prime, RayCon, ExpressVPN, and Skillshare amongst others.


Michael owns several heavy-duty machines, owing to his projects. He owns a laser cutter and often buys a lot of equipment and materials for his robotics-related experiments.

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