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Margot Robbie workout routines for no motive aside from to remain match. ‘She’s at all times had a really wholesome strategy to train,’ Margot – and the whole Barbie solid’s – PT David Higgins tells me. ‘[For her], it’s about nothing greater than being sturdy and wholesome, bodily and mentally.’

David wasn’t even supplied with a quick forward of coaching the Barbie solid. ‘I wasn’t briefed, I used to be there merely to maintain the solid match,’ he says. ‘There wasn’t an aesthetic purpose.’

David echoes what Margot has beforehand stated about her hopes for the movie: ‘I don’t assume it’s best to say, “That is the one model of what Barbie is, and that’s what girls ought to aspire to be and look and act like”,’ she instructed the Telegraph.

Granted, we’re speaking about Margot right here – the girl who was described as ‘the most well liked blonde ever’ for her function in The Wolf of Wall Avenue – however it’s refreshing to listen to that she wasn’t prescribed a wild exercise regime to fulfil the function of ‘stereotypical Barbie’ (which she performs within the film). Particularly since I’m about to coach with David himself.

We’re standing in David’s personal member’s gymnasium Bodyspace, in Knightsbridge, London. He’s simply given me a tour; I don’t must ask to know that the tools is one of the best of one of the best, David’s ‘workplace’ is greater than my total home, and the décor solely provides to the unique really feel – there are ceiling-high cabinets of ornaments and large items of art work hung all through. We’ve received one hour collectively, and my questions have already began. Right here’s every part David taught me, together with precisely what Margot does and why.

1.Margot does energy coaching and reformer Pilates

When requested what our exercise will entail, David tells me: ‘A combo of energy coaching and reformer Pilates.’ I’m relieved since my typical routine is centred round each modalities. ‘We’ll do a full-body session, beginning with energy coaching,’ David provides. Right here’s a breakdown of the complete exercise, which David and Margot would do collectively ‘each time’.

  • Heat-up: Foam rolling, 5 minutes

Exercise: Do 15 reps of every train earlier than shifting onto the subsequent, taking minimal relaxation

  • Supine chest press
  • Bent-over row, proper facet
  • Bent-over row, left facet
  • Standing bicep curl
  • Seated shoulder press
  • Supine cranium crushers

100-rep ab problem:

  • 20 crunches
  • 20 toe faucets (legs collectively)
  • 20 toe faucets, left facet
  • 20 toe faucets, proper facet
  • 20 toe faucets (legs collectively)
  • 20 x curtsy lunges, proper facet
  • 20 x curtsy lunges, left facet

Utilizing reformer Pilates mattress: ‘I keep on with durations over reps when utilizing a reformer machine,’ David tells me. We spent round 2 minutes on every of the next workout routines:

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Plank maintain
  • Plank to pikes
  • Plank maintain
  • Glute kickbacks, each side
  • Leg circles

I do know that rep ranges can be utilized in numerous methods to attain totally different targets, so I’m intrigued as to why David punts for 15-20 on the energy section. ‘It offers me sufficient time to right anybody who wants type alterations,’ he explains. ‘Whereas additionally fatiguing your muscular tissues sufficient to create tiny tears in them, for them to ultimately develop again stronger.’

He’s referring to a course of often known as sarcomeric hypertrophy, a physiological course of whereby your muscular tissues are broken throughout energy coaching, then sew themselves again collectively to be stronger and extra sturdy.

David is each a PT and reformer Pilates teacher (‘I introduced reformer to the UK after I opened my first reformer studio in 2004’, he tells me), and he’s eager to tout the advantages of each. ‘Reformer Pilates retains your mechanics working correctly, to forestall harm and defend your joints, as it really works all your muscular tissues unilaterally,’ he tells me. ‘Energy coaching bolsters that by making your compound muscle teams stronger.’

Margs is a long-time reformer fan. She as soon as instructed the Telegraph: ‘If I’m making a acutely aware effort to train, I work with a Pilates coach on a reformer machine, and that fits me and my physique finest.’

How does she stability the 2? There are not any onerous and quick guidelines. ‘I’d at all times take heed to how she feels in her physique,’ David says. ‘If she was up for lifting heavy, we’d do extra energy coaching. If she wished to concentrate on reformer, we’d.’ Intuitive coaching; we like to see it.

2. Margot doesn’t do cardio

…A minimum of not deliberately. For Barbie, David tells me the solid could be in ‘dance coaching for 2-4 hours per day,’ so cardio exercises weren’t wanted. That stated, after round two units of energy workout routines in our session collectively, I’m already out of breath.

‘Energy coaching can act as secret cardio,’ David tells me. ‘By doing a full-body exercise, your coronary heart has to work onerous to redirect the blood to the proper a part of your physique as and whenever you work it – out of your upper-body to your lower-, for instance.’ This is named the venous shunt impact, and I can guarantee you it’s legit. I look down at my Apple health watch quarter-hour in and my coronary heart charge is already shot by way of the roof.

David has some exercise-specific hacks for maxing out the cardio advantages, too. I’ve at all times carried out curtsy lunges with two dumbbells by my sides, framing my working leg, however David asks that I maintain them by the top of every dumbbell at my chest. ‘Every time you will have your arms positioned above your coronary heart, it has to work tougher to pump your blood upwards,’ he explains. Such a small change makes a monumental distinction; I discover that I’m significantly extra breathless, and I’ve to focus onerous on my stability.

3. Core energy is Margot’s focus

That is made loud and clear as quickly as my session with David begins. I’m performing supine cranium crushers on a bench, when he asks me to carry my legs into tabletop (knees bent, hips in step with your knees, in a 90-degree place). The train is, after all, instantly tougher.

‘It forces you to brace your core on the identical time,’ David tells me. It’s an immediate salve for ‘rib flaring’, too. For the uninitiated, rib flaring is precisely because it sounds; should you don’t tense your core, your ribs flare outwards, and it’s an indication that your core just isn’t pulling its weight. It feels tougher to elevate my legs up, however I do know it’s doing good issues.

After the upper-body part of our exercise, it’s onto a 100-rep ab problem. Margot famously instructed ET that she would do 100 sit-ups a day to get stronger for I, Tonya, and seems, she did much more forward of Barbie. A recap on the problem:

  • 20 crunches
  • 20 toe faucets, legs collectively
  • 20 toe faucets, attain to the left facet
  • 20 toe faucets, attain to the fitting facet
  • 20 toe faucets, legs collectively

Ignorance actually is bliss, as David doesn’t inform me we’re aiming for 100 till mid-way by way of the set (no relaxation allowed, would possibly I add), and had I been conscious, I’m unsure I’d have succeeded. In much more shocking information, David shares that Margot would do that 5 instances inside every exercise. That’s 500 reps, folks.

As a certified yoga instructor and reformer Pilates common, I prefer to assume my mid-section is pretty sturdy (core work is a key precept of each philosophies), however I’ve by no means crammed so many crunches into such a small house of time. It doesn’t finish there, both.

As we transfer into David’s reformer Pilates room (informal), we begin with a plank maintain on the carriage (harder than a normal plank since it’s worthwhile to stabilise the carriage to forestall it from shifting backwards and forwards).

David lately shared on his Instagram Story that Margot can maintain a plank for 4 minutes and 10 seconds (sure, actually), however she needn’t fear about giving up her crown. After 100 reps of crunches, I final for 1-minute, earlier than shifting into plank to pikes. Fortunately, I’m accustomed to this transfer from reformer lessons I’ve attended, however they’re actually not straightforward. We end with one other plank maintain, and I can verify my core is toast.

4. Consistency is essential

It’s a catchphrase that has been claimed by many a platformed skilled throughout the wellness trade, and it’s one which applies to each facet of health. Take energy coaching; as analysis reveals, muscle development solely happens after round 6-10 weeks of persistent exercises.

‘Margot and I’ve skilled collectively on and off for years. Our Barbie schedule lasted round 12-15 weeks,’ David tells me.

Fast fixes will fail you; sustainable and common routines are those that can get you outcomes. We’re not simply speaking aesthetic outcomes, both; Margot didn’t have one, however coaching usually for nearly 4 months ensured she felt her finest.

Know that David – additionally a certified nutritionist – offered Margot and the Barbie solid with meal plans and vitamin recommendation. Positive, train will contribute to you feeling fitter and stronger, however it’s a small piece of a really huge puzzle. Weight-reduction plan, sleep, stress, age, intercourse and genetics will all play an element in your outcomes.

5. Margot suits a exercise in at any time when she will

In the event you’ve examine Margot’s exercise routines for previous movie roles, you’ll know that if she’s requested to commit, she is going to commit. Her former coach Andie Hecker instructed Insider that they skilled collectively for 2 to 3 hours per day, 5 days every week, whereas filming Suicide Squad. Excessive, we all know.

For Barbie, nevertheless, she could fly down the steps and stroll on water within the movie, however her routine is far more sensible. ‘We’d prepare collectively 5 days every week, for 45-60 minutes every time,’ David tells me.

David and I prepare collectively at 12.30pm, however I usually work out within the morning. It units me up for the day, and I’m to know what Margot prefers. ‘We didn’t keep on with sure instances of the day,’ David tells me. ‘It was a matter of coaching at any time when the solid was free.’

The identical goes at some stage in every exercise Margot and David would do collectively. ‘If we might do an hour, we’d. If we might solely do half an hour, we’d do this. 45-60 minutes was superb,’ he stated.

Ethical of the story: it doesn’t matter the place or whenever you do your exercises, consistency trumps all.

Remaining ideas

As our hour collectively involves an finish (David has one other 5 purchasers that day – all in numerous time zones), I really feel good. Whether or not for firing query after query at David concurrently making an attempt to carry out the exercise or not, I’m extra out of breath than typical for a energy or reformer session, however I’m not as whacked as I’d be after, say, a run. Each a part of my physique is aching; my core, my arms and my glutes, however I’ve nonetheless received loads of… Kenergy.

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