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“TESTIFY!” By Need To Breathe:

“Give me your heart Give me your song Sing it with all your might Come to the fountain You can be satisfied There is a peace There is a Love Let me hear you TESTIFY!”

Yesterday morning, as I was winding down to go to bed but trying to wind up a few things as well. (I sleep days and work graveyard.) Anyway, just in the middle of my muddle, my apartment manager called. She has just recently taken over,and we don’t have a long history yet. She said, “Susan, we didn’t get your rent.” It was now the 5th, and it was due the 3rd. I responded with alarm! I knew my bank was overdrawn, but for a steep fee they pay my bills anyway. But being overdrawn and not having money to cover the rent in another way is alarming. The late fee is very steep! I stammered that I would check into it and get back to her.

When I checked, somehow the automatic payment hadn’t been scheduled. I called her back and told her that I had made an error. I had become somewhat alarmed, because I seemed to really be in a deep hole that I couldn’t figure out how to crawl out of.

I knew I would get paid tonight, but it was already 1/4 gone with overdrafts. I told her I could get the required money order and asked how much she would need? She told me she would waive the late charge if I got it to her in the morning. I agreed, thanked her, and we ended the call

Now I went to work to see what my financial status was at the bank. It turned out that the best I could figure my check would be, I was going to be short. My mind was now racing, how could I make up the short fall?

It was time to get some sleep. I knew I was under a spirit of oppression. I gave it to God and went to sleep a few hours late.

When I got up last night to go to work, i began praying and, guess what? Pleading! Help! I was oppressed. I know that spirit.

I took a long hot bath and played my African American Gospel Songbird, Kekalyn Carr: “You’re Bigger,” “Curse Breaker,” “You Spoke Over Me,” “You Are Good!” Then I heard over and over in my spirit, “When the wheels fall off!” TobyMac!

So I put on “Till The Day I Die!” I let it play over and over:

“Till the wheels fall off Till the spotlight fades I will lift your banner high I will lift your banner high And till the walls crash in For the rest of my days I’ll lay it all on the line Till the day I die Till the day I die Till the end of the line Till the day I die It’s your name I will glorify!

This is the third stanza and the chorus in this song. During it the Lord whispered, what if you became homeless, would you turn back? No, Lord, I’ll lay it all on the line till the day I die, I replied. At that point, you know, the oppression lifted. Why! Because I laid it all on the line and gave it all to him. Peace! No care! “Peace I give to you, not as the world gives.” I’ve been homeless. I’ve been terminally ill, but God gives peace not as the world gives. Let go and let God. What’s the worst that can happen? I die and go to be with my Lord!

So I knew that something would happen. Of course, God knew all along what was going on and what would happen. But one more time he brought me to the state of a servant depending only on him and willing to go where he goes. (And now I hear Ruth pleading with Naomi: “Where you go, I will go. Your people shall be my people; your God, my God. Where you dwell, I will dwell.”)

When I got to work and got my check out of my box, there were two envelopes. Inside each was a check. I thought at first, Hurray! A bonus this year!

But to my amazement, there were 2 payroll checks. I had neglected to pick up the one from the 20th! So now I am ahead, and who knows? There is still a chance of a bonus.

But the panic was just as real as if I was a month behind and facing eviction. The difference is that when we throw ourselves COMPLETELY on the Rock of our salvation, we are broken but not crushed.

So even before I had gotten the checks, God had begun to say, TESTIFY! TESTIFY! Testify to my grace, my peace, the freedom in serving me first! And “Need to Breathe” breathed in my spirit:

There is a peace, There is a Love You can get lost inside Come to the fountain Let me hear you TESTIFY!

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