Video lyrics to nutshell by alice in chains

Let me begin by saying I was once a hardcore heroin/cocaine/benzo user. I have been a year clean and I use alice in chains as my higher power because I can relate to so much of what Layne is singing about in mostly all his songs. this particular song is about his life and his addiction in a “nutshell” “we chase misprinted lies” -he is talking about the money glamour and fame its not real. you don’t need all that shit to be content in life “we face the path of time” -pretty fucking self explainatory “and yet I fight.. and yet I fight.. this battle all alone” -He is talking about fighting his addiction within himself because any addict or alcoholic out there knows you have to want it and do it on your own no one can help you “no one to cry too, no place to call home” -what he means by this is no one wants to hear his complaining about his addiction anymore because I know no one wanted to hear me cry and complain anymore poor me and after being in the marines and getting out I had no place to call home either “my gift of self is raped” -He is saying addiction has ahold of him like its raping himself of who he really is “my privacy is raked” -Meaning he has no privacy with the media openly talking about his addiction “and yet I find.. and yet I find. repeating in my head if I cant be my own id feel better dead” -going back to what he said about “gift of self is raped”. he just wants to be normal again and not have to suffer through a hellish addiction where you hate waking up in the morning that you actually would feel better dead. trust me ive been there.

I just recently lost a friend, my best friend of 25years to heroin because he couldn’t be his own, he wasn’t strong enough to beat his addiction. I loved him like a brother. now every time I listen to AIC it has so much more meaning to me. Thank you Layne Staley R.I.P And your wings are no longer denied. you too Tony Franza R.I.P brother AUG,22,1989-APR,4 2013 you both are not forgotten

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