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pay close attention. this is gonna be a little long and might seem like it’s going off-topic, but I promise by the end of it you’ll truly understand the meaning behind this song. its about her grandfather, but theres also a deep underlying message in it, as well most of her music.

before we even start, I wanna say that im a huge Gaga fan. please note that she’s not personally involved in a satanic life, but she is controlled by corporations who mingle in that sort of practice. she’s exactly who she says she is, yet she’s still controlled and cant speak pubicly about it. keep reading even if you’re not following too well, there’s very powerful meaning in every performance Gaga does, it’s what I’m trying to explain here.

first thing to you need to understand is how the mainstream music industry and mainstream media operate. six massive corporations (General Electric, Disney, Viacom, News Corp, CBS, and Time Warner) have bought and own nearly every record label, newspaper, tv channel, radio station, movie studio, and every other form of media our society has. which means six corporate executives decide everything we watch on the news and tv, and everything that gets printed in newspapers and magazines. they basically own the public opinion and can manipulate it

they also control the musicians they sign to their record labels, like Lady Gaga; and since they’ve managed to buy nearly every record label in America, it’s very difficult to become famous in the business without their help, even with all the talent in the world. They have the best producers, best choreographers, best music video directors, and they also own Mtv along with the rest of the tv stations. they have everything needed to “make” a superstar. they also, unfortunately, have an agenda that they push on us. they constantly force musicians to include sex,vanity, and a love for money in their lyrics and videos.

whenever one of their superstars ( like britney spears or michael jackson) refuses to comply or “wants out” of the industry, the corporations have the power to turn the world against them. all they have to do is raise the price they’ll pay for a picture of them and the paparazzi goes crazy. or spread rumors through the news and magazines. that’s why CNN had a segment called “Brit-watch”, where they would report on the “crazy” things britney is doing, instead of reporting the news. they ruin their lives and reputation through the media so that no one takes anything they say seriously.

Lady Gaga is a genius, and here’s why: she knew exactly what she was getting into before she even wrote her first album. she understood the amount of control the corporations would have over her, and she signed onto the record deal with a plan in mind.

her plan was this: she used her “Poker Face” (and a shitload of amazing talent) and wrote songs with lyrics that she knew the corporations would love. she wrote about partying, sex, vanity, money and fame. she also included lots of Freemasonic symbolism in her videos in order to “play the role” of a easily controllable popstar. in return they gave her the best producers and directers and everything she needed to become this MASSIVE’m influentail superstar she now is. she even wrote a song dedicated to them, “Paparazzi”. she wrote that song before she was anywhere near famous. she literally calls the media (paparazzi) her “papa”, as if she were calling them her “daddy”. she was basically kissing their *** and saying “make me a superstar.” pure talent is never enough in the corporate music world, and she knew that.

Lady Gaga is a badass, and here’s why: as soon as she reached this massive place of influence in society, she basically bent over and let out a huge fart all over her corporate managers. in other words, she wrote The Fame Monster. the entire album is basically one giant “F – you” to the industry. she literally calls “fame” a monster. she makes it seem as though she’s singing about a relationship, when in reality she’s singing about the industry and the control they have over musicians. listen to “Dance in the Dark” carefully. read the lyrics. she’s talking about the media and how they treat their superstars who rebel. (“some girls won’t dance to the beat of the track… she looks good but her boyfriend says she’s a mess, now the girl is stressed”)

many musicians have died for trying to reveal the truth. John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Tupac; all murdered for coming to close too the edge. a week after giving an interview about the importance of another revolution in America, Tupac was shot 9 times in the chest, surrounded by witnesses, and the police refused to file a report on the case. not a single witness was interviewed, proving how simple it is to bribe a police department. a revolution would mean corporations would no longer have the tight grip on the world that they now have, and they’ll do anything to prevent it. thats why they try so hard to control their superstars, becuase of the amount of people these superstars can influence.

read all of Gaga’s lyrics carefully. especially from her new album.

“i’m on the edge of glory, and I’m hanging on a moment of truth…. another shot before we kiss the other side, i’m on the edge of something final we call life, put on your shades cause i’ll be dancing in the flames” the lyrics are pretty self explanatory. shes on the edge of telling the truth. whenever she performs this song, she’ll usually be restrained in some way (tied up, trapped in a glass box, gagged/unable to speak clearly) and as she begins the second verse (about death) she rips off her mouth gag, or frees herself from whatever is holding her. its all metaphoric for telling the truth.

before she plays “Teeth” live on the monster ball, she always gives this speech: “you know, im kinda like tinkerbell. you know how tinkerbell will die if you don’t clap for her? some people would like me to die, but I’m not going anywhere…. do you know what I hate almost as much as I hate money? I hate the truth.” then she screams ” SHOW ME YOUR TEETH” she’s challenging them. listen to the lyrics: “tell me something that’ll save me, I need a man that makes me alright… im gonna love you with my hands tied” and then there’s my favorite of all her lyrics: “help me man, now show me your fangs” shes taunting them, “the Man”, the corporations who helped her into this massive place of influence only to realize that she’s on our side. SHE’S FUCKING AWESOME JFJSKFKKSJFJJFKSKDHHDJAHFJ!

Bloody Mary: “we are not just art for michaelangelo to carve. he can’t rewrite the agro off my furied heart. I wait on mountain tops in paris, I dont want to die alone.” shes speaking to other musicians, telling them to stand up against the industry with her.

Americano: “i will fight for, I have fought for how I love you. I have cried for, I will die for how I care.” shes talking to her fans.

The Queen: “don’t forget me when I come crying to heavens door. I will fly on a Challenger across the sky, like a pheonix so you can remind them of the dream I bore” the Challenger was a space shuttle that blew up upon lift off, killing everyone onboard.

she’s trying to make it obvious, so that if she’s killed people can make the connection. shes undoubtedly the bravest and most badass person i’ve ever fucking looked into. look into her for yourself.

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