Video lyrics to book of love

The point of this song is to show that love is not rational. The “book of love is long and boring”. If love were a book, say a textbook, it’s a deep, complicated subject and reading about it would be long and it would be boring. In fact it’s too complicated, it’s too heavy, so much so that “no one can lift the damn thing”.

And it’s tedious to talk or read about it. The best analogy for tediousness is the book would have to be “full of charts and facts and figures”. And even more ludicrously, it has “instructions for dancing”, as if you could learn how to dance by just reading about it! You kinda have to do it to learn it, just like you do for love – you learn about love by being in love.

But who cares about the “book”? All I know is that when I’m in love, I love everything you do, even you read me a stupidly long and boring book about love! So read what you want to me, even charts and facts and figures, and I will love it. And the book has music in it. Again, some of it is fantastic and some not, but as long as you’re singing it to me, I will love it. Love is irrational, as long as you’re with me and no matter what we’re doing together, I’ll love it and I’ll love you.

And the book has things in it that are nearly incomprehensible, that even the oldest and wisest of us, are “all too young to know.” Love is too complicated for even the smartest of us, no matter how many years of learning about it and thinking about it that we do, we’ll always be “too young.” Love is unknowable, how can there be a damn book about it?!

And finally, since I love you as much as I do, hmmm. well, – ahem. Just a thought here! I’m just too shy to say… Well here goes anyway: You should give me a wedding ring. Or better yet shower me with wedding rings! And you know I’ll love it when you buy me a ring because “I love it when you give me things”. Marry me. Even though I have a cynical edge and that I think that the book of love is long and boring, marry me anyway. It’s a crazy thought that we are in love, because it is all irrational but marry me anyway.


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