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Emotional Future is back.

Earlier today (June 7), Future dropped off his seven-track EP Save Me. According to the Future Hive, the ATL artist is surrendering his pride and speaking from the heart on his latest offering.

“30 seconds in on ‘XanaX Damage’ & I already wanna ruin somebody relationship & blame it on everyone but myself …. Thank You Lord Future Hendrix,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Future has put loyal fans in their feelings. Back in 2017, he released his sixth studio LP HNDRXX, which featured 17 tracks of Nayvadius crooning and rapping to pull heartstrings by tugging on his own.

Here are some of Future’s most emotional lyrics.

“Throw Away” (Monster, 2014)

“If loving me in public ain’t safe/ You can take my love in private/ Don’t give up on me today/ Hold on to me like a true love/ I told you it was a true love/ I ended up with temptations”

“Sorry” (Hndrxx, 2017)

“Ain’t really mean to hurt you/ Sorry it’s gotta be this way/ Ain’t mean to try to desert you/ Sorry, tryna be this way/ Ain’t really mean to hurt you”

“Bigger Picture” (True Story, 2011)

“Ever since my granddaddy died/I ain’t been the same n—a/ And sickle cell all inside my lil sister/ I’m fucked up inside, put more lean inside my system/ Every day I tell God I wish Snoop was still living/ I ain’t forgot about ya n—a”

“4 My People” (Dirty Sprite, 2011)

“Every time I’m ’bout to leave that’s when my girl start fussin’/ So just give most of my time to her for her/ I wanna be able to buy her some chillings and furs/ I wanna be everything that your heart deserves/ I need to get rich my grandma getting old and her/ To see my old lady in pain I know her bones aching”

“Permanent Scar” (Pluto, 2012)

“So many ups and downs and turns/ Homies droppin’ like flies/ Full strapped forty times/ Doin’ a life sentence and he died/ While I’m on the road, doin’ shows, takin’ this ride/ I just got word my uncle tried commit suicide/ This the second time I’m goin’ back in, the second time/ You’ll get a second chance at livin’ n—a I ain’t lyin’”

“Just Like Bruddas” (Beast Mode, 2015)

“Half a million dollars on a ring, I’m taking Percocets/ Down five Xanax and I pray I wake up and forget”

“Codeine Crazy” (Monster, 2014)

“Take the lesson, put it all in the air/ Too many days gone by/ Sittin’ by the phone waitin’ ’til I reply/ Drying my eyes believe it or not/ I could never see a tear fallin’/ Water drippin’ on me like a faucet”

“Deeper Than The Ocean” (Astronaut Status, 2012)

“My n—a set my n—a up/ The game is full of madness/ Sometimes I wanna get inside the Escalade and crash it/ My pain runnin’ deeper than the ocean”

“Side Effects” (Honest, 2014)

“Cause I never take nothing from you, you deserve it all/ Just tell me what it costs, ball ’till we fall/ And we run to the finish, no screens, no catches/ If I die today it’s yours/If you want it all I give it to you”

“Substitute Everything” (J.U.S.T.I.C.E. For All, 2016)

“I believe hard times made me like this/ I don’t leave the studio, I like making hits/ There’s broken relationships that I can’t fix/ I got bad habits I picked up, I can’t kick/ I need my herb, I need my syrup/ Now I’m free like a bird”

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