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Amanda is a personal song to everyone that hears it with their hearts. It’s not a hard song to identify with no matter which gender you inhabit. It’s the heartache in the process, the process of learning and discovering the object of your passions. If you’ve sung along to this song, then I believe you understand. Each one of us has a unique view of what they believe this song means to them. That pang of self doubt. The crushing blow of rejection. And so on. The fact that this song touches so many is all anyone may need to know they aren’t alone. You aren’t the first and you won’t be the last. So if it doesn’t work out this time, keep it in mind the next time. When it may be you on the receiving end of those three all important words.

I’m in a similar situation as many of you. I can’t tell her now. It isn’t my manliness at stake here; it’s her frailty I don’t wish to push any more than I have already. She’s been very patient and even understanding. She’s a very private woman with a moderate comfort zone. Her personal integrity is driven by her high morality. It’s one of the many characteristics I respect about her. She is too soon a widow and my respect for her grief and the memory of her husband, a friend, will be what determines what and when I say to her. However, I believe in my heart she knows how I feel. If I can just hold my damn tongue, she’ll let me know when she can deal with it. However that may be. And then it will be up to me to deal with it.

There is much more to the story and I won’t bore you with those details. My point is to be understanding and observant. Pay attention to the details. All (really) good things come to those that wait. And if I may use a mixed metaphor, then “be careful what you wish for- if you don’t practice what you preach”. (Apologies to Warren Haynes/ Gov’t Mule, ‘Endless Parade’.)

Thanks for listening.

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