Full Name Logan Alexander Paul Date of Birth 1 April, 1995 Age 28 (as of 2023) Place of Birth Westlake, Ohio Height 6 ft 2 inches (187cm) approx Weight 93 kg (205 lb) approx Eye Color Brown Sibling Jake Paul Net Worth $19-20 million Girlfriend Nina Agdal

CLEVELAND, OHIO: Logan Paul is 6 ft 2 inches (187cm) tall. He is a global celebrity with multiple online platforms, has gained attention for his boxing matches. Logan, who was born in 1995, was a well-known YouTuber before he debuted as a fighter.

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He rose to prominence in 2013 after posting a Vine video of himself and buddies. Logan’s YouTube channel is the fourth most-subscribed in the world, having 23.5 million members as of July 2022.

Logan went to Westlake High School and participated in sports such as wrestling and football. ‘The Thinning’, ‘Foursome’, ‘Airplane Mode’, ‘The Edge of Seventeen’, ‘The Thinning: New World Order’, and ‘The Ranger’ were among the YouTube series and movies in which he has appeared.

Logan has fought twice in his professional career, losing a tight bout to British YouTuber KSI in 2018.

How tall is Logan Paul?

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Logan’s height has piqued the interest of his followers, especially as he has tried many occupations in various fields. At 6ft 2 inches (187cm), he is taller than the average American male.

His height, however, is a topic of comparison with his younger brother, Jake Paul, who stands at 6ft 1 inch (185.4 cm).

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Logan, 27, stands about 1.88 meters taller than most American men, as the median height for an American male is 5 feet 3 1/2 inches (162 cm).

Logan Paul stood taller than Floyd Mayweather in their June 6th fight, and fans mocked him for it. His supporters however feel he has a big height advantage over Mayweather, who is the stronger of the two.

Paul’s fan posted on Twitter talking about Logan’s height believing that he can beat Mayweather because he is taller than him, “Logan Paul could actually beat Mayweather with his height and weight advantage”

Who is taller, Logan Paul or Jake Paul?

Jake Paul’s purported 6’1″ height has sparked considerable discussion among fans. Jake’s latest battle records show him standing at 6’1″, but online forums disputed this, especially after photographs of him standing face to face with KSI circulated.

This, along with photographs of Jake before the KSI match, has prompted some fans to question Jake’s true height.

According to Celeb Heights Jake stands 5’10 3/4″ (179.7 cm) tall. Logan, his older brother, is taller, towering around 6’1″. Logan and KSI have a visible height difference, with Logan being taller, implying that Jake is not really 6 feet 1inch”.

Logan’s advantage in height over his brother Jake can be linked to genetics, lifestyle, and job decisions. Logan’s love in athletics and fitness, as well as his active lifestyle, could have played a role in his height advantage. Jake’s height may have been altered by his recent weight loss and muscle gain.

What are Logan Paul’s body measurements?

Logan’s body measurements are: Weight 82 kg, chest 42 inches, biceps 15 inches and waist 32 inches. Paul has lost over 50 pounds (approximately 23 kg) since 2016.

He has been open about his weight and body image issues, sharing his “before” and “after” pictures from 2016 and his childhood experiences with weight. Logan has also been open about his depression and anxiety issues, admitting to using food to cope with his mental problems.

Currently, Logan Paul reset good physical and mental state by using his channel to raise awareness of mental health and support those in need.

He is a proponent of positive body image and encourages his followers to love themselves regardless of their weight or size.

Logan has been in the media spotlight since his early days, working out daily except Sundays and focusing on a rigid diet program. He consumes at least 100 grams of protein daily, drinks 2.5 gallons of water daily, and avoids dairy products, pasta, and bread.

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