Lewis Capaldi delighted fans with his latest promotional trick after sharing his supposed phone number on social media.

Following the recent release of his newest single “Pointless” from his forthcoming album Broken by Desire to be Heavenly Sent, the Scottish singer-songwriter posted a photo of his contact information online.

Fans were initially confused whether Capaldi was revealing his real digits, but after ringing the number, many were amused by the voicemail left on the other end.

“Hello, Lewis Capaldi here, I just wanted to say thank you for listening to ‘Pointless’ this week,” the Grammy-nominated artist began.

“When you get off this call you’ll have a text to give my new song a download or buy the CD. Downloading it on iTunes or Amazon really helps, as does getting one of the signed CDs.

“So go buy it now, and send me a screenshot of the link in the text, because my label are demanding yet another No 1 single and let me tell you guys, I don’t know if I’ve got it in me. So give me your money and I will give you my body and soul,” Capaldi concluded.

Responding to Capaldi’s surprise message, fans shared their reactions on Twitter, with one writing: “Please this is so funny.”

“This is actually class,” a second praised, while a third tweeted: “We love you, Lewis. I hope you can feel that.”

“Did this, got that text, uploaded my screenshot of the proof I bought his CD now what??” another questioned.

Several shared the screenshot of Capaldi’s text, which read: “It’s the 6th member of 1D, Lewis Capaldi here, pls buy ‘Pointless’ & send me a screenshot for clear skin.

“Help ‘Pointless’ climb the chart,” he added, along with a link to order and download the song.

Just last week, the “Someone You Loved” singer was among the musicians to share his Spotify Wrapped results, which revealed his music had amassed over one billion streams.

“How is that actually possible?? Thank u all so so so very much, I am one truly humbled king,” Capaldi posted on Twitter.

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