Keith Urban has been in this business a long time, so it stands to reason, he probably has a pretty hefty net worth. The singer certainly has a fortune by most people’s standards.

According to Celebrity Networth, Urban has a net worth of $75 million. While the singer has found a lot of success in music, Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman have also been quite successful in the world of real estate. It’s estimated that their properties total $30 million or more.

It’s been quite the rags-to-riches story with Urban, who released his first album back in 1991. At the time, he barely had any money to his name. Urban spoke with Daily Mail about the first time he heard his music being played. He couldn’t even afford to fill up his car.

“Yeah, [I was in] my piece of crap car, it was a Chev. It was horrible, always running out of petrol because I was barely keeping up with it. I couldn’t afford to fill it up,” Keith said. “I was about to run out of petrol and pulled into a petrol station and I’m putting petrol in the car and they had the speakers at the servo and I heard my song as I was pumping petrol into my rust bucket.”

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Keith Urban Talks His Favorite Song

Times have certainly changed for Urban. Throughout his career, Urban has written numerous songs, but a few stand out in his mind. In particular, Urban credits one song in particular with changing the trajectory of his career.

He told Kicks Country 99, “I would have to look at something like ‘Somebody Like You’ as one of the most important songs for me that happened and to a large degree, just sent my career into a whole different speed in a really wonderful way. Of course, you know, there’s hundreds of songs I’ve written that led up to that one getting written, and it’s just magic. It’s magical how that song got written.”

According to Keith, it helped set goalposts for who he wanted to be and how he wanted to move forward with his career.

Keith said, “It really captured probably more of the person I wished I could be. I wasn’t that person in the song, but I wanted to be, and I felt I was getting close to being that person. So, it’s a truthful song. It came from a truthful place, and I’m still incredibly grateful for it. I can’t imagine doing a show and not doing that song, and I feel really grateful that I love it. I love it as much today as the day I wrote it.”

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