The famous Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, known worldwide for playing her role as Teresa Mendoza in the series La Reina del Sur, showed off for the first time her new romance with Director of Photography Edgar Bahena, because after several rumors, the artist finally confirmed that she is very happy in this relationship currently.

Although Eric del Castillo’s daughter was always very discreet with everything related to her private life, this time Kate couldn’t hide it anymore and opened up to the media and told everyone about the show world about her romance with the aforementioned, who is 10 years younger than the artist.

“Well, they already caught me, no way I say no,” he told the press with a smile.

The famous explained that she is very happy with the relationship, since she did not hide her enthusiasm and happiness when talking about romance with the photographer, as well as her arduous desire for the beginning of a new love story. He also stressed that he has never closed himself to love.

“I’m very happy, things happen in life as they are and how they have to happen and that’s how they are, I’m open and I’ve always been open to love,” she added.

After a few weeks about the speculations that this affair unleashed in various media, Eric del Castillo’s daughter denied that their relationship happened suddenly, which suggests that the love of each other has been dormant for some time. In this way, he affirmed that he is a person who transmits peace to him, which is the main thing for the 49-year-old Mexican woman.

“It wasn’t really that sudden, but he’s a guy who, first of all, makes me feel very peaceful, I’m very calm, very comfortable because he keeps me a lot of company,” he stressed.

Likewise, with great pride and even love, Kate del Castillo shared part of the promising future of her current partner Edgar Bahena, as well as some of the personality that characterizes the Mexican man combined with his tastes in the world of arts.

“He is a very intelligent boy, he is a super talented guy, he is a guy who knows both about music, good wine, and art, he can talk about everything and I admire his talent. He’s a guy who’s going to go a long way as a photographer,” he concluded.

Photographs have not yet been submitted where both artists appear before the press together, even on Kate and Edgar’s social networks they haven’t posted any snapshots sharing their love to their followers, however, they are expected to illustrate the networks with their arduous love at some point.

Recently, the magazine TV notas, speculated about the sexual inclination of Kate del Castillo, after an encounter that the actress had went viral on Tiktok with Ana Gabriel in one of the presentations she gave for the United States.

On this subject, the father of the renowned Mexican actress, Eric del Castillo, spoke about the sexual orientation of his firstborn, with the Imagen Television program, De Primera Mano on March 7.

“They even put her as a lesbian, they don’t even grind her, anymore… at two o’clock. For God’s sake, as if I don’t know my daughter, they are all gossip, hot for the public and for the bad press that doesn’t respect people,” he emphasized in the program hosted by Gustavo Adolfo Infante.


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