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Do you want to know how tall Johnny Galecki is? Are you curious about his height, net worth, career and wife? Read on to learn everything you want to know about the beloved sitcom star.

Who is Johnny Galecki?

Galecki is an actor known primarily for his role as Leonard Hofstader on CBS’s The Big Bang Theory. Known worldwide as one of the most popular TV shows, The Big Bang Theory was one of the most-watched shows of the decade.

He also starred in the Roseanne revival, which aired on ABC. It was also one the most-watched shows of the 2010s. What can we say? He’s got the Midas touch.

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Prior to his TBBT fame, Galecki was known for his role as David Healy on the original Roseanne. He played David Healy from 1992 to 1997.

David was a poster boy for the sensitive artist boyfriend type. On the show, David dated and eventually married Darlene Connor, played by Sara Gilbert. He reprised his role as David on the 2018 season of Roseanne.

Outside of his major success in television, he’s also done quite a bit of film work. One of his most recognizable roles? He played that kid Rusty in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989).

He also appeared in Vanilla Sky (2001) as Peter Brown. You might remember another short actor who starred in that film… Tom Cruise.

More recently, Galecki starred in another movie, a dramedy titled The Cleanse (2016).

So what’s Johnny Galecki doing now that The Big Bang Theory is finished? While he was working on The Connors, a Roseanne spin-off, throughout 2019, there’s nothing else.

According to IMDB, he doesn’t have any other projects in the pipeline at this time. But, considering he played the same character for over a decade, you can’t blame the guy for taking a break.

How Tall is Johnny Galecki?

The Big Bang Theory alum is 5’5″. Galecki is the same height as fellow modest men BD Wong and Josh Hutcherson.

And if you’re wondering about the other Big Bang Theory cast member’s heights, we’ve got you covered there too. Simon Helberg aka Howard is another man of modest height. He’s only 5’6″. That’s the same height as Kaley Cuoco, who played Penny.

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Just like Johnny and Simon, Kunal Nayyar (aka Raj Koothrapali) is on the short side. He’s 5’7″.

With that said, Jim Parsons (aka Sheldon) towers over his castmates at 6’1″.

So why doesn’t Sheldon tower over everyone else on the show? It’s a combination of Hollywood tricks, most likely involving shoe lifts, soapboxes, and camera angles.

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