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  • An avid lover of planes and a proud owner of 5 planes.

  • His property in the Jumbolair Aviation estates has 2 runways leading directly to his home.

  • The house is built of concrete and a lot of glass; has six bedrooms and two kitchens for the family of 4.

  • The outside of the house has an in-ground swimming pool with a hot tub attached.

John Travolta House – Everyone wants the house of their dreams. John Travolta, the Grease actor did too. He, however, had too many dreams for one house, a single property to be able to accommodate them all. Below is a list of his houses and what makes them special enough to be called a Travolta.

Mansion Inside Jumbolair Aviation Estates | John Travolta House

Jumbolair Estate_©Architecture&Design.jpg

An avid lover of planes and a proud owner of 5-John Travolta bought a property in the Jumbolair Aviation estates with two runways leading directly to his home.

The mansion designed by Dana Smith is a mid-century style home, the spatial arrangement beginning with the concept that the airplanes should be visible from all over the house.

Jumbolair Estate_©Architecture & Design

The house is built of concrete and a lot of glass. It has six bedrooms and two kitchens for the family of 4. One kitchen is used by the staff for most cooking, while the smaller one in the central part of the house is used for lighter cooking with the family. The kitchens are surrounded by three dining areas. The material palette towards the inside of the house is dark polished wood (in contrast with the white outside) with beautifully painted elegant art on walls, making the airport house- a home and lending it a sense of warmth. The living area has comfortable couches, sophisticated furniture, and family photos.

Jumbolair Estate_©Architecture & Design

The outside of the house has an in-ground swimming pool with a hot tub attached. A pool house covered with wood walls and stone flooring houses a bar and a pool table for entertaining.

Despite his love for airplanes, the backyard with the large patio- where he and his late wife danced is his favorite space. The mansion has room-built parking for 16 cars and two plane pavilions.

Coldwell Banker Residential | John Travolta House

The home in Maine is an 11,000-square-foot shingle style that was built in the early 20th century and has some Victorian design features. It is situated on around fifty acres of land, about a mile from Scientology headquarters in downtown Clearwater.

Clearwater House_©

The waterfront property in Clearwater is fenced by a formidable set of wood-and-steel gates. The house’s exterior architecture features L- and U-shaped sections — the latter framing the entry — as well as a variety of geometric window shapes, stacked stone accents, a door made of dark-stained hardwood that mimics the style of the driveway gates, and walls painted in contrasting shades of mild burnt orange and mid-gray.

Stepping through the front door one is led to a wall of glass windows offering unobstructed views across the garden and Clearwater Harbor beyond. The spacious entrance gallery leads down to the main open-plan living space that sits at the heart of the home. The spacious split-level retreat has a striking and contemporary interior and offers plenty of top-grade materials and finishes, including extra-wide French oak floorboards, sleek plaster walls, and Swedish slate tiles. The two-story family home’s smooth, airy flow and abundance of natural light make it ideal for entertaining.

Clearwater House_©

This home has five bedrooms and six bathrooms. A stone fireplace accent wall, hardwood floors, an open-concept living area, a kitchen with sleek, space-age cabinets, floating shelves, and an island cooktop are just a few of the design features that are specifically inspired by mid-century modern trends. There is a lot of glass, including sliding doors that open onto the hardwood terrace overlooking Clearwater Bay, a zero-edge pool, and a deep-water dock. A private terrace with a guy-wire railing that overlooks the pool area and bay is accessible from the bedroom of the second-floor master suite. It also has a bathroom with Japanese design elements and a spacious walk-in closet.

Maine- Island Estate

The 10,830-square-foot retreat is bright and cozy. It was transformed from the original dark and somber, to bright and beautiful. Built in 1903 by architects Peabody and Stearns, the house has plenty of classic architectural details- rustic stone fireplaces, gilded light fixtures, sash windows, and classic timber trims. Every room has linen drapes and velvet upholstery, with cottage décor that was influenced by its proximity to the coast

The Shingle-style house has 20 bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The master suite, with its bright colors, offers a unique coziness. Besides a wall of windows, it comes with an ensuite, walk-in wardrobe, fireplace, and beautiful views. The home is filled with eclectic furnishings that came with the original property.

Maine Estate_©Mansion Global

The variety showcases Travolta’s dreams of lifestyles that the houses allowed him to live. The Jumbolair mansion- a home for intimate moments with his wife, and private parking for his airplanes. The clearwater retreat – an exclusive house for a family of four. The Maine estate – is large enough to let him host his family for Christmas. They became homes to the Travolta family at varying periods.

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