NBA Comparison: Jason Richardson/Jimmy Butler

Strengths: Wing with great physical and athletic tools with potential on both ends of the floor … Very long, near 7-foot wingspan with fantastic strength, and explosiveness that help his readiness for the league greatly, plus provides something to build on going forward … Has ability to finish plays above the rim and through contact … Quick reaction and a solid nose for the ball, can overpower other wings … Ball skills are quite workable, has ability to create some off of the dribble, in space … Built to run, showed ability in transition and can be dangerous off the defensive rebound … Has potential to be a nice combo forward in the current NBA, could be a mismatch in small ball, would punish slower defenders … Gets to the foul line quite often, not at all afraid of contact and is aggressive driving to the basket … Shooting mechanics are not broken and he certainly has some confidence as a shooter, plus an ability to develop as far as creating offense for himself … Has some definite dexterity and potential as a defender, really strong body control and agility that is rare given his size … While he is not much as far as creating for others, did average 2 apg and could do more as a passer in time … Has improved his shooting over time and while there is still a long way to go, he has gotten much better as opposed to being considered somewhat of a non-shooter in HS … Not a bad rebounder, especially on the defensive end … Conditioning is very solid, has energy and will be able to sustain minutes right away

Weaknesses: Shot selection was definitely an issue, would settle for jump shots far too often and still was not very consistent from long range … Come comprehension isn’t up to speed yet, the guards around him didn’t make life easy … Long known to have issues turning over the ball, his hands have been questioned, can lose the ball in traffic and will bring the ball low to often … While he does have a chance to lead the break, will probably be better suited to learn to play more off of the ball … For all of the physical tools he possesses, would be beneficial to develop a post game and maybe some back-to-the-basket moves to take advantage of defenders in small ball … Loses focus on both ends, this will need to be addressed as far as his defense at the next level … Working on his off hand will be crucial … His spot-up shooting was quite inefficient, lacked consistency on a game-to-game basis … While he has potential in isolation scenarios, struggled in college in one-on-one, not particularly creative off of the bounce and could be forced to take difficult shots … Could definitely look for teammates a bit more, let the game come to him rather than force the issue … Can certainly improve as an offensive rebounder, with his size and athletic ability this would be key to him being a small ball 4 … Got in foul trouble pretty often, averaged 3.2 fpg and with turnovers also at 3.1 topg, will need to go through maturation to keep receiving meaningful minutes from the start … As much as he struggled from long range at Cal, going to NBA three-point range will be that much more difficult

Notes: Named Pac-12 Freshman of the Year, as well as receiving 1st Team All Pac-12 honors … Averaged 14.6 ppg, 5.4 rpg and 2 apg in 27.6 mpg during his lone season at Cal … Measured 6’5.25” without shoes, 6’6.75” with shoes with a 6’11.75” wingspan and a 8’6.5 standing reach (though his 8’8.5 standing reach he was twice measured with during USA Basketball is likely more accurate), along with 5.05% body fat … Did not participate in athletic testing and received some mixed reviews as far as interviews, though has been usually seen as smart and quite personable … Was incredibly highly regarded in the summer before his senior year of HS and the All-Star circuit, with many still seeing quite a bit of potential to be a strong wing prospect moving forward … Combination of strength and athletic ability are impressive, plus has shown improvement as far as his basketball acumen and ability … Had an up and down freshman year, with some flashes of brilliance along with some disappointing performances, with a rough end to the end of the season … Wide open game of the NBA may suit him better … Still seen as almost a lock for the top 10, might have even greater potential than the wing players chosen in the top 10 of last years strong draft

Michael Visenberg 6/23/16

Strengths: Supremely talented wing with physicality and a nose for the basket … Brown has been blessed with a man’s body at a very young age … He checked in at 6’6.5″ in shoes and 222 lbs at the 2015 Nike Hoop Summit … He often outmuscled his opponents whether attacking the basket or bodying up defenders in the post … Not just strong, but also a high-level athlete … Quick-twitch muscles are superb as he can create space with just a simple jab step … Has a combination of strength and speed that is rarely seen in players his age … Uses these attributes to finish plays around the rim at a high rate … Welcomes and absorbs contact whenever he drives to the basket … Is very good at splitting defenders whether in the air or off the dribble … Often finishes with ferocious slams and tenacity at the hoop … Doesn’t force his way through the lane … Surveys the defense and will often take what is given to him … Likes to get a feel for where his defender is and then spin off to create space for his jumper … While high school defense and college defense are two different things he’s shown all the tools to be a great defender at any level … His frame and athleticism allows him to guard between three and four positions … Can stay in front of quicker players and go blow for blow with bigger players down low … Transition is where he has the ability to wreak the most havoc … Capable of both starting and finishing the fast break …

Weaknesses: While he’s found it easy to score most of his life, he will need to develop a more consistent jump shot to become an elite scorer … His mechanics and form can change depending on where he is shooting the ball from … Needs to develop a consistent shooting form … At times tried to do too much, which led to unforced or unnecessary turnovers … Must become a better player off the dribble … Doesn’t have many moves with the ball just attacks the rim for now … Isn’t as strong with his left hand … Improve on going left and finishing on the left hand side … Can’t become overdependent on his athletic and physical tools … At times can be too laid back on the floor, should look to develop a higher level of consistent energy … Consistency and focus will be the key for him at Cal to prove that he’s worth the hype that he received as a high schooler …

Overall: Brown is a prospect that has all the physical gifts you could ask for. His combination of toughness, smarts and athleticism would allow him to hold his own in an NBA game right now. However, he must continue to fully develop his basketball skills if he wants to stand out and become one of the best players in the league. Has flashed the potential of become a versatile all-around player, hopefully one day he can fulfill it.

Notes: Impressed scouts with his play at the 2014 adidas Euocamp … Committed to play for California … 2015 McDonald’s All-American, Nike Hoop Summit, Jordan Brand All-American … Member of the 2014 USA U18 team … Number 3 overall recruit in the class of 2015 … Measured 6’7 (with shoes) 207 lbs with a 6’10 wingspan at the 2013 LeBron James Skills Academy … Measured 6’6.5, 217.1 lbs, with a 6’11.5 wingspan and 8’8.5 standing reach at the 2014 USA U18 tryouts … Measured 6’6.5 (in shoes) 217 lbs, with a 6’10.5 wingspan at the 2014 Kevin Durant Skills Academy … Measured 6’6 without shoes, 6’7 with shoes, 221 lbs, with a 6’11.5 wingspan and 8’8.5 standing reach at the 2014 USA Junior National Team Mini Camp … Brandon Jefferson 7/3/15

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