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For the longest time, people assumed that Hype House members Paige Taylor and Jackson Dean were in a relationship. If you search TikTok for “Jackson Dean and Paige Taylor,” countless fan edits of the couple will surface. Fans have patched together several snippets of the couple from TikTok and YouTube videos, believing that these were hints that Taylor and Dean were dating.

Just like that, TikTok user @i..loveparker created three separate videos. Taylor, Dean, and other lads were seen hanging around and conversing in one of the films acquired from the Hype House YouTube account.Dean and Taylor sat next to one other, and Dean gradually scooched closer to Taylor until his head rested on her shoulders. Taylor and Dean were sipping from the same glass in another scene, despite the fact that they were drinking different things. Although they are not dead giveaways, the duo’s followers seem to believe differently. But it seems they were onto something since the couple announced their romance on September 6, 2022.

Paige Taylor and Jackson Dean Confirm Their Relationship Rumors

Taylor and Dean were on TikTok Live chatting about their life as Hype House members, but people kept asking them whether they were dating. Dean finally replied to it. “Are you two dating?” Dean read as Taylor laughed. Dean then turned to Taylor and said, “yup,” as Taylor waved and said, “wooo.”

The new pair said little else except that they were in a relationship. This video has been reshared on Instagram by tiktokinsiders, and based on the comments, they are overjoyed for the new pair.

“I am delighted for them. “I like them more than she [Taylor] and Jacob anyhow,” one person said in response to claims that Taylor was also dating another Hype House member, Jacob Day. “They look great together.” “I hope they endure longer and disregard the haters,” said a Packson shipper.

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But not everyone agreed, and some even accused them of wielding too much power. Some internet users believed the two was only together because everyone was hyping them up. “So you’re simply pretending you’re together because everyone else wants you to be?” a user who suspected the pair said.

Fans are already hounding the couple for information.

When prominent TikTokers declare their relationship, followers naturally want the specifics, and it seems that fans have already tormented Taylor and Dean. Dean went on a solo TikTok Live after revealing their relationship, where he said that he was not ignoring the remarks and did not want to speak about his new relationship “24/7.”

“I don’t want to speak about it all the time.” And people keep telling me to add Paige, but she’s not online. If she wasn’t so busy, I’d include her. But you keep asking, “Where is Paige?” Paige should be included.’ “But the point is, she’s now doing YouTube things,” Dean said.

Jackson Dean

He said that was why he disregarded supporters’ questions regarding Taylor. @paige.editz.1 posted a video of his TikTok Live on TikTok. Everyone in the video’s comment section appeared to empathize with Dean. They repeated that the pair wanted their space and solitude.

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