Early last month, Selena Gomez left a string of comments on Instagram that finally confirmed her relationship with music producer Benny Blanco. “He is my absolute everything in my heart,” the Only Murders in the Building star proclaimed to her fans, only weeks after rumors had swirled that they were together.

Keep reading for everything we know about their relationship so far.

January 7, 2024: They share a kiss after the Golden Globes.

After the ceremony at the Beverly Hilton, Gomez shares several behind-the-scenes photos from the night, including a romantic shot of herself in a quiet room with boyfriend Blanco—in her full red-carpet look—giving him a passionate kiss. “I won,” Gomez writes over the snap.

January 3, 2024: Benny and Selena go to a Lakers game for their first public outing.

The couple enjoy a PDA-filled courtside date during the NBA match between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat at Crypto.com Arena.

For the special outing, Gomez wears a black and white coat from Ronny Kobo with black pants and silver metallic boots. Meanwhile, Blanco wears a white puff jacket with pink and orange pastel flowers, a white T-shirt, white slacks, and white slip-on clogs.

January 2, 2024: Benny kicks off the new year with candid close-ups of Selena.

Gomez is all smiles in two seemingly candid photos that Blanco captures of the singer while they sit at a table outside. In the pics, posted to the producer’s Instagram Story, Gomez wears a fuzzy black coat and flashes her red manicure, looking flushed in the cheeks (probably due to the cold weather).

These are the first in a series of photos Blanco posts to kick off the new year, including a pic of golden “2024” glasses lying on the floor.

Gomez shares her own Instagram Story later in the day, using a Despicable Me meme to convey her love for Blanco.

The meme says, “me: ‘one more kiss.’ him: ‘i really have to go.’” Then it says “me” again, followed by a shot of the animated film series’ young character Agnes looking as if she’s about to cry.

December 30, 2023: Selena posts another cuddly snap with Benny.

Gomez shares yet another photo with Blanco to her Story, this time flashing a sweet smile as the music producer hugs her tightly from behind while planting a big smooch on her cheek. The two look extra cozy in fuzzy sweaters, with Gomez bundled up in black and Blanco sporting an orange, blue, and white floral-printed hoodie.

December 27, 2023: Selena posts photos from an artsy date with Benny.

The singer posts two new snaps of Blanco to her Instagram Story. The first is a mirror selfie of the couple, with Blanco embracing Gomez from behind. The second captures Blanco posing in front of a wall of geometric mirrors and a hot-pink floor at the “Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy” exhibit in Los Angeles.

December 21, 2023: Selena hints about her relationship in new interview.

While speaking with Vogue México y Latinoamérica, Gomez opens up about what she looks for in a romantic partner without mentioning Blanco by name.

“Honestly, I have to start being attracted to the right kind of people, because it’s a bit of both,” she told the magazine. “It’s very difficult to find someone who can listen to you and care about you, but I know that when it happens, it will be great and you will want it to be healthy.”

The publication notes that Gomez hopes to one day become a mom, too, declaring motherhood as “fundamental to her life’s purpose.” Still, Gomez says, that goal is likely not happening “in the short term.”

December 15, 2023: Selena shares PDA-filled photos with Benny.

Gomez shows off her man on Instagram again, posting a photo dump that includes a candid snap of her kissing Blanco while lying in his arms and caressing his hair.

In another sweet photo, Gomez is all smiles while Blanco hugs her from behind.

December 12, 2023: Selena shares snuggly pic with Benny.

Only a day after Blanco went Instagram official with Gomez, she shares another black-and-white selfie to her account, which sees her embracing the producer. (And in the corner of the photo, you can see she is all smiles.)

December 11, 2023: Benny goes Instagram official with Selena.

The producer shares his first snap of Gomez on Instagram since the two hard-launched their romance. The photo, which he posts to his Instagram Story, captures Gomez’s back as the couple explores an art gallery.

He further cements their romance by commenting a heart-eyes emoji on Gomez’s recent post, in which she shared behind-the-scenes pics of herself on set for a photo shoot.

December 8, 2023: Selena shows off her B ring.

Only a day after the “Love You Like a Love Song” singer confirmed her relationship with Blanco, she shares a series of photos to her Instagram Story, in which she shows off her custom B wrap ring from Jacquie Aiche. (We’re guessing B stands for “Benny.”)

Gomez provides a close-up of the 14k yellow gold round-diamond and pavé letter accessory in a black-and-white shot. She follows it up with a photo of herself sipping from a mug, where the ring is on full display yet again.

December 7, 2023: Selena confirms her relationship with Benny on Instagram.

Gomez confirms her relationship with Blanco through two separate interactions on the @popfactions Instagram account. First, the celebrity news page shares an article, claiming, “Selena Gomez Is Rumored to Be Dating Producer Benny Blanco” (which Gomez likes). Then, they share another update, which reads, “Selena Gomez Seemingly Confirms That She Is in a Relationship,” and the Spring Breakers actor takes it a step further by commenting, “Facts.”

To really confirm the news, Gomez posts a black-and-white selfie to her page, which sees her laying her head on Blanco’s chest.

That same day, she begins leaving candid comments on a post from a fan account, where she gushes about her relationship with Blanco. “He is my absolute everything in my heart,” she writes.

However, while some fans are disappointed with the news, the “Hands to Myself” singer defends her new partner. “He’s still better than anyone I’ve ever been with. Facts,” she writes in response to one fan. “Then why has he been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. The end,” she responds to another.

November 25, 2023: Dating rumors about Selena and Benny emerge.

Celebrity Instagram account @popfactions postulates that Gomez and Blanco are in a relationship in a post shared to social media. As noted in the news account’s carousel, Gomez’s mother, Mandy Teefey, had recently followed the producer on Instagram, which was one of the first big indicators of their relationship.

November 9, 2023: Selena gives Benny a shout-out on Instagram by promoting his new cookbook.

After a week of silence on the social media platform, Gomez returns to Instagram to promote Blanco’s new cookbook, Open Wide. “One of my favs releasing a cook book,” she writes on her Instagram Story.

Meanwhile, when Blanco posts about the book on his page, the Wizards of Waverly Place alum comments, “Finally 🙌🏼.”

October 4, 2023: Benny attends the Rare Beauty Impact Fund Benefit.

In October, Gomez holds the inaugural Rare Impact Fund Benefit Supporting Youth Mental Health in Los Angeles, where Blanco is one of the attendees.

September 21, 2023: Selena shares TikTok lip-sync about boyfriend status

In September, the “Come & Get It” singer seemingly confirms her relationship status as single, when she posts a humorous TikTok, where she lip-syncs to an audio that says, “Guess who has a boyfriend? Not me b**ch! Y’all be safe out there!” However, if Gomez is already with Blanco at this point, it’s unclear if she is just throwing us off the trail.

August 25, 2023: Selena releases “Single Soon.”

With the release of her first new track in nine months, “Single Soon,” Gomez sings about leaving a partner and the freedom of being single. And while she keeps mum about who the song is about, the 31-year-old ends up working in the studio with her future boyfriend, Blanco, who co-produces the song with Cashmere Cat.

She also teases the track on Instagram in the weeks prior, writing, “Y’all have been asking for new music for a while. Since I’m not quite done with SG3, I wanted to put out a fun little song I wrote a while back that’s perfect for the end of summer. SINGLE SOON.”

March 2019: Selena collaborates with Benny on “I Can’t Get Enough.”

They also collaborate on the electronic Reggaeton song, “I Can’t Get Enough” with Tainy and J Balvin.

The track reaches No. 66 on the Billboard Hot 100 and it reaches No. 31 on the U.S. Billboard U.S. Mainstream Top 40.

October 2015: Selena and Benny collaborate on their first songs together.

The first time Gomez and Blanco collaborate in the studio is for the singer’s second solo studio album, Revival. For the album, Blanco has production credits on the singles “Kill Em with Kindness” and “Same Old Love.”

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