Typical player: biography

Andre Rebelo (born March 23, 1992) is a well-known Canadian gamer, YouTuber, and social media celebrity known as a typical gamer. He is known for his Fortnite live streams and videos. He usually acts alone. On occasion, he will play in the sand with others. He joined the 1 million subscriber club in early 2015 and now has over 10 million users.

What is the net worth of the typical player? Salary, Earnings

It is commonly known that he makes a good living from his business. Their gaming videos have the potential to be quite profitable.

On August 25, 2008, Ranked Gamer joined YouTube. He is now an experienced Fortnite player who has achieved great success. His estimated net worth is between $800,000 and $900,000

Typical Player: Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

On March 23, 1992, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, TipicalGamer was born. He was born under the sign of Aries and is 29 years old. He grew up with a younger brother named Billy. Billy also came up with the term “Typical Gamer” for his YouTube channel. More information about his family history. Also, little information is available about his educational background.

He was born in the Canadian province of Quebec. He is a Canadian citizen of mixed origin. The names of his father and his mother are unknown. He has brothers too. His brother’s name is Billy. In terms of schooling, he is well educated.

Typical player: relationship, girlfriend

Rebelo is currently dating Samara Redway, a YouTuber who streams cosmetics, fashion, and general vlogs on her channel. On March 24, 2016, he uploaded a YouTube video called “The Whisper Challenge With My Girlfriend !!” and a video titled ‘TOUCH MY BODY CHALLENGE!!’ on March 26, 2016.

In the following video on her channel, Samara revealed that they started dating on October 6, 2015, after 2-3 months of communicating and getting to know each other. Andre discovered her through a mutual acquaintance who gave him her profile and began following her on Instagram before beginning a relationship with her.

Sarama also claimed that he was afraid to “seal the deal,” claiming that it took more than 30 minutes after she dropped him off at the airport after their first date. They began traveling together to exotic places like Hawaii and China, chronicling their adventures with cameras and drones. They are both powerful, and in March 2017, they traveled to an abandoned military bunker.

Typical Gamer – Career

TipicalGamer began his gaming career on YouTube with the game Red Dead Redemption. He prefers to keep his daily routine as basic as possible. He gets out of bed at 9 am and starts working on the video an hour later. In the morning, he checks for Minecraft updates, then edits the movies in the afternoon, uploading the finished product around 8:30 pm Then he looks for feedback.

Despite its simplicity, TipicalGamer has more YouTube subscribers. TipicalGamer went from an ordinary graduate to one of the most well-known people on YouTube with over 12 million subscribers in just a few years, making him a personality to watch out for in the future.

YouTube career

On August 24, 2008, while still a teenager, Andre Rebelo opened a YouTube account called “TypicalGamer”. His first videos were tips, tricks, and Easter eggs for Red Dead Redemption. He started playing Grand Theft Auto V and became one of the first YouTube streamers when YouTube Livestreaming was launched in 2013. As a result, his name gained popularity.

In 2017 he started playing Fortnite. As Fortnite surpassed 350 million players in mid-2020, its audience grew exponentially, matching 2020 as the biggest and most profitable year for gaming on YouTube. On March 3, 2020, he launched a second YouTube channel called TG Plays.

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