Born Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk on November 22, 1990, in Calgary, Canada, he is the son of famous Canadian cyclist and entrepreneur Greg Kolodziejzyk and his wife Helen Kolodziejzyk, who is also an entrepreneur. He has a sister, Krista. His zodiac sign is Saggitarius. He attended the Springbank Community High School and graduated in 2008. Thereafter, he attended Duke University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a certificate in Markets and Management in 2012. After completing his studies, he founded a startup and developed an app, I’d Cap That, which added captions to photos. Within a few months of its launch, it had acquired over four million users and was named the Free App of the Week on the Apple iStore. The app was then acquired by Iddiction Inc. and Ko worked with them for a couple of years before working as a software developer for other companies, including Fullscreen.

His career as an internet sensation took off in 2013 when he uploaded his short skits on Vine, the music video app, and he became popular among fans and followers. When Vine was shut down, in 2014, Ko started his first YouTube channel where he posted vlogs with content from his personal life and also collaborated with other YouTube stars. The videos made him extremely popular with fans and earned him followers in the millions.

Collaborating with former colleague and friend Noel Miller, in 2017 they formed the comedy rap duo Tiny Meat Gang, and the two began to make music together and also started a podcast — The Tiny Meat Gang podcast. Later that year, he released his first single ‘Super Xan,’ which was widely appreciated by his fans. That same year, he and Miller also released their debut E.P. — “Bangers and Ass.” Then, he was cast on the YouTube video series “The Real Bros of Simi Valley” as Wade Sanders, one of the four main characters. In 2018, he and Miller released a second E.P. titled “Locals Only” and also began touring the country by performing their podcast on the stage. The following year, they were signed by Arista Records and they also won a Shorty Award for best podcast. In 2020, he started a new limited-episode podcast — “The Pleasure is Ours” — and also crossed five million subscribers on YouTube, a significant milestone in his career. In 2021, he co-founded T.M.G. Studios with Miller. Ko is famous for his brand of observational comedy and satire which sets him apart from the YouTubers of his generation. He is popular for being a relatable star who shares content based on actual real-life situations and experiences which endears him to his fans. He also has a line of merchandise that is available for fans through his website. His relationship with his fiancee — Kelsey Kreppel — has also made him the center of much attention.

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