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While Gwen Stefani has been in the pop-rock music space for more than 35 years, many wonder how much is the former No Doubt leading lady’s net worth.

Celebrity Net Worth reveals the Hollaback Girl songstress’ net worth, as of June 2023, is approximately $160 million. This is a $40 million difference between Stefani and her husband, Blake Shelton. She started her music career in 1986 by joining her brother Eric Stefani after he and fellow bandmate John Spence established No Doubt. Gwen eventually became lead vocalist and stayed with the group until 2004. She then started her solo career and the band disbanded. The bandmates united in 2009 and stayed together until officially calling it quits for good in 2015.

Besides her singing career, Gwen Stefani has made a living as a fashion designer. She started her fashion line L.A.M.B. in 2003. Over time, she developed GX and Zuma Rock, both accessories lines featuring glasses. Zuma Rock is a kid’s line that was inspired by Stefani’s son, Zuma.

“If you go out and buy boy glasses, they’re all the same,” Stefani explained to People while discussing the kids accessories line in 2019. “Zuma is a little more boyish and doesn’t care as much [about his style]. But with the glasses, he does because it’s something he identifies with it. Everyone recognizes him with glasses, he needs the glasses.”

Other professions that Stefani has had over the years include being a record producer, artist, dancer, musician, and visual artist.

How Much Does Gwen Stefani Make on ‘The Voice’?

Gwen Stefani first joined The Voice as a coach on the show’s Season 7. She has been on the show for seven seasons so far as a coach and appeared as a Battle Advisor for Team Blake for Season 10. The singer and songwriter has also acted as a Top 8 Advisor for Team Christina and Team Pharrell when Aguilera and Williams were coaches.

With her years of experience in multiple roles on the show, many wonder how much Stefani makes on The Voice. According to Stylecaster, she is currently making $13 million per season. She started out making $10 million a season.

This season is a bit different for Gwen Stefani, as her husband and longtime The Voice coach, Blake Shelton, has officially given up his famous turning red chair for good. “It’s really different being on the show without him,” she told Today earlier this fall. “I miss him so bad on the show.”

However, Stefani added that while she misses Shelton, it hasn’t been as hard as she thought it was going to be. “I think he was just so ready to have a break.”

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