The prancing horse is a marque taking the automotive community by storm. Record sale prices have been unabashedly broken at auctions since the turn of the century, reaching into the tens of millions of dollars before a victor is declared. Even new, the price is one matched by only a few in the automotive world. A Ferrari for sale cheap isn’t going to happen anytime soon. And the ultimate resale value is done by limiting production runs each year. Even poorly maintained cars still find a home with classic restorers and end up as pristine certified approved. But what is it that drives a prancing pony’s cost so high? Are you asking yourself, “how much does a used car cost?”

At first, Enzo could care less about creating a road vehicle. Today the prancing pony is synonymous with both world-class racing and extreme luxury cars. At only 10 years old, he was a kid who wanted to enter competitive racing and see how much further he could push the limits of mechanical engineering. It would be another 11 years before he entered full-time, but once he arrived, it was never the same.

A veteran of the First World War, Enzo took his first job in the automotive space working at CMN, a small car company not far from his hometown of Modena, Italy. After redesigning truck bodies into small passenger cars for some time, he joined their racing team in 1919 but saw little success. From there he moved to Alfa Romeo, joining their racing team and seeing some success on the track in 1923. After winning the Coppa Acerbo in 1924, he didn’t race again until 1927 and finally created his own racing team for Alfa Romeo in 1929: Scuderia. At that point, it was a short switch to creating a completely independent label, impeded only by contractual obligations and the unfortunate atrocities of Mussolini’s regime.

Today, you will find dozens of used, classic Ferrari for sale near me in the USA and Canada, with listings from dealers and for sale by owner. Performance and luxury are not mutually exclusive in these Italian sports cars, meaning the full racing flavor has been injected into the design of every car bearing Enzo’s name. A car in this class and collectability is worth the price of admission. Looking for a new car on a dealer showroom floor will be next to impossible because of demand from loyal customers. To buy a Ferrari is a privilege and to be selected for a Certified Pre-Owned Ferrari is a great experience. Especially when this new vehicle can reach prices in the millions. Also, it never hurts to go with resale red, Rosso Corsa, for your car’s color.

Owning an Italian exotic car is far different than owning a daily driver. The cost of every aspect of the car goes up significantly. Be prepared to invest time and money to make sure your Italian stays healthy. Basic maintenance on the vehicle, like a car wash, must be done with care to keep the paint swirl-free and mirror finished. Most professional detailers recommend a scrub-less wash and dry method. The paint is one of the biggest factors with the resale value. Engine maintenance is in a league of its own. A well-documented car with up-to-date service records from an authorized dealer goes a long way when parting with your exotic. Oil changes, along with all other fluid inspections on a regular basis is what dealers, as well as private party buyers, will look for. Recalls are an important measure that must be taken to ensure your vehicle is up to date with the factory specs. Even error codes and service engine lights will scare off the most seasoned Ferrari buyers. Building a relationship with your local dealer is critical to ownership. You may think prices are too high, but these prices ensure service work is done by a factory-trained tech with the skills to keep the car running smooth. Don’t forget to keep checking our Ferrari classifieds to find the latest deals.

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