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Faye Knightly (Internet Celebrity)

Faye Knightly is one of the youngest internet celebrities who has earned her own followers across social media by sharing her own genuine and creative content on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. She has also joined collaborative groups for further prominence and scope in the industry. She has gained nearly 1 million followers on Instagram and much higher on TikTok through her content. She has been a cheerleader for more than 4 years. Faye’s content is mostly based on her tumbling, fun, and workout.

Knightly has earned the representation of Rock Digital Content. And one of the wonderful things she did in the past year is to become a member of Rock Squad. As Rock Squad is a collaborative group of young influencers such as Peja Anne, Ryder Tully, Nidal Wonder, Rush Holland Butler, Kaileia Dixon, Jiji Wonder, Brooke Butler, Giana Rose, Keilahni Dixon, Anis Sienna, Nayeli Lo Vera and Cayla Rose among others. Rock Squad is known for exciting YouTube videos like daily adventures, beauty, style, fashion, pranks, and entertainment.

She has worked on a lot of videos of Rock Squad members, other YouTubers, and influencers. She not only creates content for her social media accounts but also collaborates with other YouTubers for creative collective content for her channel and for other influencers’ channels. Meanwhile, she has worked with influencers including Salish Matter, Elliana Walmsley, Brooke Butler, Jordan Matter, Nidal Wonder, and Gabi Palooza.

Family Life:

Faye Knightly was born on May 6, 2013 (10 years old) to an American family living in Clinton, Maryland. She is living with her parents and siblings. She also attends school and does social media part-time. Her father is a Navy Serving Officier and her family often moves to various places and cities because of her father’s Job posting. Sometimes, her brother and mother also take part in her videos. She is single and not dating any boyfriend yet.

Influencer Faye Knightly Phone Number, House Address and Email Address
American Young Influencer Faye Knightly Phone Number, Wiki, House Address, Biography and Email

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  • Address: Faye Knightly, Clinton, Maryland, United States

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Faye Knightly is Piper Rockelle’s favorite, and the youngest member of Rock Squad.

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