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The Warren’s Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut

Most people who bring haunted or possessed objects into their homes do it by mistake, but not Ed and Lorraine Warren. In fact, not only do they keep haunted and possessed objects in the basement of their home in Monroe, Connecticut, but they’ve made it into a one of a kind Occult Museum.

What is The Warren’s Occult Museum

The Annabelle Doll and the Warrens

The Warrens began studying the paranormal in 1952 and have risen to fame from The Conjuring film series. Throughout the years, they accumulated memorabilia from their cases and opened the museum in the early 1980s. The most notable piece in their collection is the Annabelle doll in its large glass case. Along with the Annabelle doll, there is a smaller, but much more unsettling looking doll called the Shadow doll. It’s said that the doll will infiltrate people’s dreams and stop their heart while they sleep. There is a large man-shaped structure that was found in the woods Connecticut that was used for satanic rituals, a human skull with a star painted on its forehead that was used for black magic, and an organ that looks harmless but is known to play music all on its own.

All who enter the museum are warned not to touch anything. This is a strictly enforced rule. Many of the objects housed in the cramped basement can latch onto a human host with just that simple action. So watch where you place your hands and most definitely watch what you say. You never know what might be listening and if it will take offense.

According to Ed Warren, a young man came to the museum and started tapping on the glass of the Annabelle case after hearing the horror story of how it got there. He exclaimed that if the doll really did scratch someone, it should prove it and scratch him too. Ed ushered the man out himself saying, “Son, you need to leave.” On his way home, the young man and his girlfriend who was with him got into a motorcycle accident. The young man was killed upon impact and his girlfriend was hospitalized for over a year. It is believed that the Annabelle doll was behind this accident, given its history with motor accidents and its dislike of being antagonized. The Warrens claim to have investigated over 10,000 cases during their career. Two of their most notable cases being the Old Brook Farm and the Amityville house. The former was a real-life haunting that inspired The Conjuring series, and the latter spurred countless books and movies about the horrors that took place within it. It’ll come as no surprise that the Warren’s Occult Museum, much like the Old Brook Farm and Amityville house, is a real haunted location. It is not an uncommon sight to see a priest blessing the basement to ensure the safety of the Warrens and visitors. But guests are assured an interesting look into the Warrens long history of the supernatural, as long as you respect the environment and the objects within it.

Visiting The Warren’s Occult Museum

The Warren’s Occult Museum

Along with being a must-see for anyone interested in the paranormal, the Warrens house has been used in several films and television shows such as, but not limited to, The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Twilight Zone, and Dexter. The Occult Museum is currently closed due to zoning issues. Check the Warren’s website for updates about where and when the new museum will open.

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