You cannot mention top-tier internet comedians today without mentioning Druski’s name. Ever since he burst onto the scenes in 2017, Druski has been making waves, and he is currently one of the internet’s biggest creators.

In this article, we look at Druski’s profile, covering his net worth, Age, height, and even his love interest.

Who is Druski?

Druski’s real name is Drew Dawit Desbordes. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to Cheryl and David Desbordes; as of 2022, he is 28 years of age.

Druski goes by the online name Druski2funny and his meteoric rise to stardom has seen him collaborate with rappers and hip-hop stars like Drake and Jack Harlow.

Druski currently boasts over 5 million followers on Instagram and 4.4 million followers on TikTok, who constantly share his content across various other platforms.

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Druski’s Bio

What is Druski Net worth?

Druski’s net worth is approximately 2 million dollars.

He reportedly charges around 15-20k dollars for every Instagram influencer post and around $30k for bookings.

Earlier this year, he collaborated with Altered State Machine (ASM), NFL star Austin Ekeler, and TV host Rachel Lindsay to purchase Fan Controlled Football team, The Wild Aces.

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What is Druski’s Height and Weight?

Druski stands at over 6ft2, which is 188m. His weight is currently unknown, but it is speculated to be around 85-90kg.

Which High School and University Did Druski Attend?

Druski grew up in Georgia and attended Shiloh high school. He went to Georgia Gwinnett College before transferring to Georgia Southern University, where he dropped out after 2 semesters.

Who is Druski Girfriend?

Druski’s relationship status is currently kept hidden from the public. While he has featured female music stars like Rubie Rose and Chloe Bailey in his skits, there is no indication that there was/is any romantic affair between him and them.

Some fans have also tried to speculate that Druski might be gay; it is also thought to be unlikely at this point, but who knows other than the man himself?

Druski Memes and Gifs

As a bonus, here are some of Druski’s most popular memes and gifs

Druski Hands Up Gif/You Got Me Meme

Druski Handshake Gif/Meme

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