Dolly Parton is set to play at halftime in the Thanksgiving clash between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Commanders.

The Cowboys wasted no time getting one of the most famous singers in the world to entertain the crowd during the second of three Turkey Day fixtures.

Despite not getting any younger, Dolly Parton is still as active and excited to perform as ever.

What Is Dolly Parton’s Age?

Dolly Parton is 77 years old and was born on Jan. 19, 1946, in Pittman Center, Tennessee. She was the fourth child of twelve and is on record as saying that she grew up poor.

Parton is an iconic figure in world music and started in the music industry as a child. Her musical career spans multiple decades, stretching back to 1956, and while she may be slowing down, she shows no sign of stopping.

Why Is Dolly Parton Performing at the Cowboys’ Thanksgiving Game?

Parton is performing at halftime during the Thanksgiving showdown between the Cowboys and Commanders. The Cowboys, who have been playing games on Thanksgiving since 1966, have been after Parton to perform during the holiday game for some time.

Charlotte Jones, The Cowboys’ Executive Vice President, told Dallas Morning News that they have been after Parton for years, saying, “We are so excited to have the privilege of hosting Dolly on Thanksgiving Day, and for several years, we’ve approached her team about the possibility of coming.” Jones said it hasn’t happened until now “because of scheduling conflicts.”

Parton is also a big believer in charity and was pleased by the Cowboys’ collaboration with the Salvation Army. Prior to Thanksgiving, she had already donated $1 million to the cause.

Dolly Parton’s Career

Parton’s career seems to be never-ending. The country music legend started her career as a child, playing on the radio and local TV stations in Tennessee. She recorded her first career record, “Puppy Love,” at just 13.

But, Parton had to wait until 1971 before she scored her first No. 1 single with “Joshua.” Fast forward a couple of years, and Dolly was having hit after hit. Her first really successful songs were “Jolene” and “I Will Always Love You.” “The Seeker” and “All I Can Do” were also some of her early hits before she won Female Vocalist of the Year from the Country Music Association in 1975 and 1976.

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Parton went on to have more huge hits with “Here You Come Again” in 1977 before releasing “Heartbreaker” and “Starting Over Again,” which were big hits with country music fans.

Dolly’s biggest worldwide hit came from her duet with Kenny Rogers with “Islands in the Stream” in 1983. The song went on to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Parton also released her first film, “9 to 5,” in the ’80s. The song “9 to 5” went on to score Parton yet another No. 1 single.

Parton’s career got so big that it saw a theme park that she had investments in renamed “Dollywood” in 1986.

The singer’s career has had far too many highlights to mention as one of the most iconic country singers around the world.

In November 2023, Parton released her most recent album, “Rockstar,” where she covers rock classics like “Purple Rain,” “We Are the Champions,” “Let It Be,” and “Night Moves.”

Parton’s career has seen many achievements. In total, she has released 66 studio albums and has scored 25 No. 1 hits on the U.S. Hot Country Billboard Charts. She has also been inducted into multiple Hall of Fames, such as the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1999 and the Grammy Hall of Fame. She was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as well.

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