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I love this song and I think it has many possible meanings. However, I’ve always tried to look at it in the literal sense.

My interpretation is that the song begins with her being a beautiful, perfect and immaculate woman, hence, her body is made of ‘doll parts’. She starts by listing all the parts of herself which are generally considered the most attractive, eyes, lips/mouth, legs.

She then says: Doll arms Big veins Dog bait (I’m fairly sure I hear ‘dog bait’) I think this references her suicidal feelings. Her veins being ‘big’ and noticeable to her, tempting her.

Then she goes on to reveal her frustration about a boy who she’s desperately in love with Yeah, they really want you They really want you But I do too I think a major theme in this song is female rivalry, in a strange way. She is perfect, with ‘doll parts’ and yet she is fearful and frustrated by all the other women who she is competing with for this man’s attention. I guess it could be about Kurt, being a famous beloved rock star.

She reinforces this desperation for his attention by saying she wants to be ‘the girl with the most cake’. Again I think this references the general feeling of inadequacy that some women may have and the frustrating and endless competition with one another.

I love him so much it just turns to hate I think this just refers to how her deep, strong love and adoration is toxic; making her hate herself and him as well.

I fake it so real, I am beyond fake Again, Courtney is killing herself for this person, trying to be/look exactly the way she thinks he wants her to and she feels as though it’s never enough.

I’ve never been quite sure of the repeated phrase, ‘Someday, you will ache like I ache’. It almost seems menacing. Like her toxic and unwavering love and devotion has turned her evil and conjured up violent feelings towards the one who is doing this to her.

Later, she mentions her ‘doll heart’. A very sad line indicating that her love and feelings are worthless and powerless like that of an inanimate object.

It stands for knife For the rest of my life I think these lines generally just reference her hopelessness and again bring up her willingness and desire to slit her wrists and end the pain. This line comes after the songs climax, sung in a soothing soft way. I think this is her realisation that she will never have enough power (specifically in this case) to get his attention or be the only one.

In my opinion, the last line of the song, sung in a slow, soft, faint way could possibly refer to her committing suicide towards the end of the song, through the shouting and the pain in her voice until she feels too faint nearing the end and her speech is slowed down.

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