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2023 marked the end of one era and the beginning of another for the Green Bay Packers. Long-time quarterback Aaron Rodgers is no longer with the team and 2023 is the first real chance for the 2020 first-round pick Jordan Love to prove his worth to the team.

This is Love’s team now, and as the Packers move forward with their new signal-caller, and to understand a player, you may need to understand where he came from. Background, surroundings, and support system play a huge part in the development of anyone, but especially a millionaire NFL QB who is hoped to be the franchise’s next great.

Things like that are instilled at home, way before the bright lights. It starts with family. Let’s take a closer look at Love’s parents Anna and Orbin Love.

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Who Are Jordan Love’s Parents?

Love was born on Nov. 2, 1998, to Anna and Orbin Love in Bakersfield, California. Jordan’s mother, Anna, worked as an officer for the California Highway Patrol. His father, Orbin, played quarterback growing up and was able to get as high as the junior college level before deciding to go a different path and joining the police force.

Orbin would become a sergeant in the Bakersfield police department, but tragedy struck the Love family in 2013 when Orbin sadly took his own life. Jordan was only 14.

Orbin was only 51 at the time of his death. Love has been quite open about the impact his father’s suicide had on his life and on his decision to pursue an NFL career. In an interview with the NFL, Love talked about how he had made the decision to step away from football after his father’s passing.

“My darkest moment was definitely the day it happened, just hearing about it right there in the car,” Jordan said. “I didn’t want to believe it.”

However, his mother pushed him to continue for at least one more year. Love then won the starting job on his JV team and never looked back. Even though he wasn’t a heavily recruited prospect, he still made it onto the Utah State Aggies roster, where he would go on to eventually become a first-round talent.

“I end up winning the starting job on the JV team, started throwing a little better, started getting a little confidence,” Jordan said. “By the end of that season, I was thinking, ‘I can really do this.’”

When Jordan declared for the NFL Draft, he took to social media to thank his parents, including his father Orbin.

“I want to thank everyone who has helped me get to this point in my life, including my mom and my dad,” Jordan wrote on Twitter last December, officially declaring for the draft “Words cannot express how grateful I am for your love and continued support.”

Aggie Nation,

Thank you 💙#AggiesAllTheWay

— JLove (@jordan3love) December 11, 2019

Where did Jordan Love Go to College?

Love attended Utah State University, where he played quarterback for the Aggies for three seasons before declaring for the draft and being selected in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Does Love Have Any Siblings?

Jordan is the only boy in a family of four total siblings. He has three sisters named Kami, Emily, and Alexis.

Jordan being the only boy was never short on sister love, and his family stuck by his side through all the trials and tribulations of life. When he pursued and achieved his goal of one day playing in the NFL, they were all by his side. Love’s family was proud of that and his other accomplishments.

The Packers Are Love’s Team Now

Love is no longer in the shadows of Aaron Rodgers; he’s done waiting. The time is now for the young QB.

The Packers have found ways to seamlessly transition from Brett Favre to Rodgers, and now they hope the passing of the torch to Love will be just as fruitful for the franchise as the other two were before him.

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