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Dream (real name Clay) is a famous online and live streamer on the Twitch channel and YouTube. He broadcast live on his Twitch channel and plays games such as Fortnite, and Minecraft. He’s 22 years old belongs to the United States. Check Dreams’ contact details including phone number, email, house address, social addresses, wiki, biography, and family details.

Dream (Gamer, YouTuber)

Twitch Star Dream is also known as DreamWasTaken; DreamTraps and Clay is a professional gamer, live broadcaster, and established internet personality. He rose to fame for posting gaming videos on his YouTube channel and later extending his live broadcasts to Twitch Channel. His primary YouTube channel hosts games playthroughs, mods, and commentary videos. Dream’s youtube channel has garnered 28 million subscribers and 6 million follow him on the Twitch channel.

Dream has formed the popular gaming group Dream Team alongside GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap. Trio host the private Dream SMP server where they interact with fans and fellow members of the Minecraft community. Dream Team invited a number of high-profile guests into the SMP including Twitch streamers Tommyinnit, Pokimane, Tubbo, and Ninja. In late 2021, nearly 28 Twitch stars are part of Dream SMP.

As a professional YouTuber, Dream has extended his scope by creating more channels such as DreamXD, Dream Team, Dream Shorts, Dream Music, Minecraft Manhunt and Dream Tech. He also collaborates with popular social media celebrities including Wilbur Soot, MrBeast, CaptainSparklez, and LazarBeam for content and gaming videos. Dream is also a prominent participant in Minecraft Championship.

Family Life:

Clay aka Dream was born on August 12, 1999, in Florida, United States. He is 22 years old internet personality. He has had a cat named Patches. In siblings, he has two sisters and a brother.

Contact Details

Gamer and Live Streamer Dream’s contact details including his phone number, email address, house address, and social media addresses are listed here.

Phone Number

Clay aka Dream phone number is published over his social media posts. The number can be used for business inquires, fan texts, voice calls, and for other fans’ purposes.

  • Dream Phone Number: American Network 4G-LTE SIM, Active

Email Address:

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House Address:

His postal address is given below.

  • Address: Clay aka Dream, Orlando, Florida, United States.

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He and BadBoyHalo have collaborated on YouTube videos.

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