Watching Derrick Henry run is like watching bowling – if there were 11 pins instead of 10. The ball doesn’t avoid the pins, it blasts right through them without remorse.

Here are our best Derrick Henry fantasy team names to honor one of the most unstoppable forces in the NFL. After all, it’s better to be the ball than the pins.

Derrick Henry Fantasy Names for 2024

I drafted Derrick Henry in his rookie year when he did nothing. It’s my cross to bear. I drafted him again for his sophomore year when he again did nothing.

Glutton for punishment that I am, I took him his third year and then dropped him – again. That was right before he turned into the Derrick Henry we’ve all come to know and fear.

But no, it doesn’t still haunt me. Why does it seem like it haunts me??

The Stiff Army

Stiff D

This Derrick Henry fantasy team name is in honor of the stiff-arm and nothing else. Frankly, I can’t even imagine what other connotations this could have.

Derrick James, Bitch!

Big D Energy

Gladiatores Derrick

If you know Latin (or look up the phrase), you know this is a freaking amazing fantasy team name. Are you not entertained?

Los Tractorcitos

Sure, Derrick Henry is big for a running back, but he is pretty small for a tractor.

Get Derrick or Die Tryin’

Get Derrick Quick Scheme

Alabama Slammas

This Derrick Henry fantasy name works perfectly with any of the other Alabama RBs who dominate fantasy football every year.

Hammerin’ Henry

Derrick Flair


Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

Henry Questions?

Henry Port in a Storm

Derrick and Morty

If you want more Rick and Morty fantasy team name ideas, we’ve got you covered.

Derrick Ross Da Boss

DH Balance

Double Dog Derrick

With Henry Luck

This Derrick Henry team name idea is a play on with any luck, as with any luck Derrick Henry will stay healthy this season.

Funny Derrick Henry Fantasy Team Names

I can write funny Derrick Henry fantasy team names all day long. But let’s be honest, none of them will be as amusing as watching Henry stiff-arm hapless defenders.

Seriously, listen to the laughter from the announcers as they watch DH slap down Josh Norman. Now, that’s comedy.


Oiler Derricks

DerrIcky Shuffle


Steel-Drivin’ Henry

Derrick Rolled

Never gonna give you up.

Where Eagles Derrick

By Henry Means Necessary

Henry Team, Henry Time, Henry Place

Henrything Goes

DerrIcky Shuffle

Derrick to Be Great

Where Eagles Derrick

Regarding Derrick Henry

Derrexcellence In All We Do

This phrase is a good motto in general. But for Air Force folks, this Titans team name idea might be perfect.

Henry Team, Henry Time, Henry Place

Henrything Goes

Howdywood Henry

Derrick Henry Fantasy Names from Around the Web

When Derrick Henry went down in 2021, he was on pace to break the single-season rushing record. He’ll get another shot at history in 2024.

With good health and good luck, he may be able to get there.

You better get in on the Dereck Henry fantasy names now. That way, you can prove that you were ahead of the curve.

Derrick to Be Great

Oh, Henry

King Henry

Henry the Eight Yards and a Cloud of Dust

Regarding Derrick Henry

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More Team Name Ideas for Derrick Henry

If you have a good idea for a Derrick Henry fantasy name, put it in the comments. We’ll add the funniest ideas to this list.

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