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If you hadn’t realised from David Dobrik’s various videos handing out cars, wads of cash and gifts to various people, this man is absolutely mind-blowingly loaded. Like really. So much so that his old house, a $2.5 million mansion in the hills of LA started to seem small for him – however, he’s since rectified this problem by moving into a colossal $9.5m property just up the road, and it looks to be multiple times the size.

And when I say multiple times the size, I really mean it. So, let’s take a look around David Dobrik’s humongous new $9.5 million Los Angeles mansion.

david dobrik

For starters, let’s get onto size. The property takes up a whole 7,800 square feet, located in a cul-de-sac in San Fernando valley. It has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and a whole host of premium luxuries.

david dobrik

The property has a load of outdoor seating in the lounge area with a firepit, outdoor kitchen complete with barbecue and a swing bench overlooking the valley.

david dobrik

The centrepiece of the garden has to be the infinity pool with spa. David always said he wanted one at his previous property, and it looks like there’ll be plenty of space to do a whole load of stunts in this garden.

david dobrik

The view over the valley looks genuinely insane, and seeing the outdoor setup it’s no wonder the property set him back nearly $10 million.

living room, david dobrik

Moving inside, the property has plenty more space for socialising with a huge open plan kitchen and living area, clad in large marble flooring slabs and surrounded by large sliding doors.

pool table, david dobrik

It’s good to see that the snooker table made it from his last house, and you can see that he’s decorated the place with some art pieces as well as his Teen Choice surfboard right at the back.

david dobrik

Also included in the downstairs area are a home movie theatre, a gym, a full kitchen and panoramic views across the valley through every window.

david dobrik

As if this wasn’t enough, David has a temperature-controlled 300 bottle wine room which looks absolutely stacked, as well as his own custom school style water fountain that produces punch just… ‘cos.

david dobrik water fountain

The 0.61 acre property works out at $1218 per square foot which is more than most people could afford for a square metre, but this is David Dobrik we’re talking about.

david dobrik

Every single double room in the house has an en suite bathroom, with the master pictured above also featuring an expansive walk in wardrobe.

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Finally, David Dobrik’s mansion features a studio for his podcast to be brought into the video realm, as at the moment it is audio-only. The house was built in 2020 and he is the first person to ever live there – I’ll drop you an update when he buys his next one in 10 years time.

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